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Looking for solid colored suits that measure: Shoulder: 18.5-19" Chest: 21.5-22.5" Length (BOC): 30-31.5" Sleeve: 25.5"+ Single Breast, 3 roll 2, dual vent. Pant Waist: 34-37" Inseam: 32"+ Flat front preferred
Free $5 off Ebay purchase $50 or more. Personal paypal me the cost of the item - $5, I'll buy the item and mail the item directly to you.
Price drops on RLBL and Cucinelli
New Cucinelli items added at outlet prices! (Bought too much, so selling some of it at cost)
Thanks, happy new year to you too! Pics and measurements added. Price drops on Kiton and Borrelli!
Kiton and La Vera Suits added
Really nice looking suits! Wish those sleeves were longer; too bad they're working buttonholes.
Price drop on Mabitex and Isaia
More drops on shoes
Price drops on the suits
New Posts  All Forums: