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Price drop on the Mabitex to $55 each!
Price drop!
I have a Brand New MC721LL/A 2011 current Macbook Pro 15 inch with the 2.0 ghz quad core Sandy Bridge processor. Upgraded to 8gb RAM. Got this on 4/19/2011 using credit, so still within return period, but I've decided I don't like the Apple MBP design. Only used for 2 days, only a few charge cycles logged on the battery (plugged it in a few times before it was low). Retails for $1999 + tax at the Apple store. Only asking $1725 shipped conus via insured USPS...
All pairs listed are Mabitex if not labeled otherwise! I have multiples of each in limited quantity! All NWT, All cotton, All flat front. $5 off for each additional after the first A. Brown Chino - W=30" FR= 9.75" Thigh=11.5" Ankle = 7.9" Inseam= ~36" B. Brown Dressy Cotton Slacks - W=29" FR= 9.75" Thigh=11" Ankle = 7.3" Inseam= ~36" C. Cream - W=30" FR= 9.75" Thigh=11.5" Ankle = 7.6" Inseam= ~36" D. Added Tan/Dark Tan Size 30 100% Linen - W=31" FR= 9.75"...
Recently this site had free glasses (only pay shipping). Of course many designer brands were excluded, but not all. Reviews that I have read regarding their own branded glasses were that they were fairly low quality, but inexpensive and pretty good looking.
Price drop on the $75 Apple Store Giftcard (not iTunes) to $65 shipped conus via personal paypal or + 3% fees
I have an Apple Store Gift Card for $75. I'll sell it for $70 via personal paypal shipped via first class.
I have a brand new Nook Color--$249 via personal paypal shipped conus. Comes with receipt for $270.XX (you can even return it for a gift card).
One price drop to $575
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