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Recently this site had free glasses (only pay shipping). Of course many designer brands were excluded, but not all. Reviews that I have read regarding their own branded glasses were that they were fairly low quality, but inexpensive and pretty good looking.
Price drop on the $75 Apple Store Giftcard (not iTunes) to $65 shipped conus via personal paypal or + 3% fees
I have an Apple Store Gift Card for $75. I'll sell it for $70 via personal paypal shipped via first class.
I have a brand new Nook Color--$249 via personal paypal shipped conus. Comes with receipt for $270.XX (you can even return it for a gift card).
One price drop to $575
Got one of these as a gift, opened it just to look at it once and put it right back in the box. Decided it doesn't really have any use to me right now, so I'm selling it at a discount. 64gb Wifi model Retail: $699 (Edu discount does NOT work on iPads) Can be tethered to your iphone 3g plan if you have one, using mywi. Asking: $575 + shipping via personal paypal
Only asking $500 cash! Purchased this amazing TV last year, but never really got to use it since I am in graduate school. I am moving and cannot move this TV to my new place, so it's listed very cheap. I bought it for $1200 and I'm only asking less than half of that for a basically brand new TV. This TV has the Realta engine and SyntaxBrillian HQV chip that upscales everything to look better. It's gotten amazing reviews and is an awesome value. My loss is your...
Final price drop to $40 each + actual shipping cost!
Price drop to $50 each!
Price drop to $55 each!
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