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Good deal, but 13.25 definitely is too large for a 10.5 US (maybe 12 or 12.5)
Purchased #4, the navy tie. #1 is very tempting as well, someone pick it up before I give in!
If you're looking for something cheap, but can compete with $50 in ear headphones get this one Probably one of the best you'll get under $50 (and only $12.99 at Newegg now! - most of the negative reviews have to do with sound going out in one ear, but MEelectronics and Newegg both have excellent customer service and will replace with [almost] no questions...
What's your budget? I have an New 4-season charcoal Cesare Attolini here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=239472
Final drop on Mabitex to $40 shipped, unless otherwise stated!
Measurements of all Mabitex Added. Price drop on Attolini
Drop on the $2308.95 Apple Store Gift Card to $2150 via Personal Payment
Price drop to $50 a pair!
$2308.95 Apple Store Gift Card. Returned a 15 inch MacBook Pro and decided to go with PC instead. Asking for $2250 or best offer! If you were planning on making a Macbook Pro purchase here's your chance at a discount! Pin is unscratched. Senior members with good feedback, verified paypal, and confirmed shipping address only.
Price drop on the Borrelli. Feel free to make me offers!
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