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Thank mimo. You get my point.
I have bough over a dozen pairs from AFPoS.The problem is not AFPoS, it's Alfred Sargent. AS books so much business ahead of production such that they are unable to fullfil their existing orders to loyal customers and champions of their brand. Again, I couldn't care less whom they sell to, I just want them to get our MTOs that we contracted for montsh ago. AS is becoming a joke and the affiliation with Herring will only damage their reputation and brand.
I couldn't care less who they do business with, our MTO shoes, several ones, have been ordered since last Sep. 2012. I think they did not plan the process well.
I ordered and received a Radwell. It would have been nice to get a belt!
I could not agree more.It really pisses me off to see that Herring gets their new line up from AS, while the Blake and Milton MTO shoes are lagging far behind to the tune of 9 month.
Brown hatch grain, simple. I think Nick have those as RTW on his site.
Thank M. Ay329.I think I remember seeing those in an earlier post.
I was the first to make the Bowlly the above colour. Very nice looking shoe. Nick told me he had 3 orders after he had mine made by GG.
Very simple deco black with a new cap toe lazer band (normally it is plain captoe). It will be the most conservative GG I own!!When it comes, I will post pics.
Waiting on these from Nick. GG Deco Byron. Also in the pipeline, a Sinatra, Thorpe, St. Jamess II, Deco Bowlly, Walkton, & Uppingam special order.
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