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I got mine as well in size UK12 last 724. Best fitting boots to date.
RTW 95% there, lack perfrct fit and finish,MTO 99% there, better fit, same finish,Bespoke, PRICELESS!!!!! FIT & FINISH.
Very nice!! Enjoy man.I have about a dozen of those shoe trees. Awesome!
I am size UK13E, so, everything must be oredered in my size.I know how you feel. Sometimes I get tired of seeing everything available in sizes 7-9!! Are men feet really that small?
I wish we have cobblers in the US that are that good and commited to the craft. I know of none. Anyone knows any. These look danm nice.
OK. I did not see teh mto post above. Forgive my rush. I was to excited.
Can we do as a group MTO to help with cost?
Any updates on the delivery of the Milton and Blake MTOs? It seems that you folks avoiding the subject. Thanks,
This is magic. I will order this once available!!!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: