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+1 I was blinded by the Deco Bowlly's, But the modified Wigmor boots are stunning as well.
Deco Black Bowlly MTO [/quot. e] Very nice. I love the modification of adding a lazer captoe. Very nice indeed. G&G continues to impress.
OK. Royal Mail is fine. I am not rocking the boat. I will go along the concensus. AFPOS uses FedEX next day. I have never paid custome or brokerage fees in over a dozen deliveries to-date.But, I am with you. I do not like or want to be charged custome or brokerage fees as well.
USPS is going through a lot of pains. They keep loosing money and some wants them to deliver mail onl 3-4 days to save money. They rely on FedEx for expedired service and their customer sdervice is getting much worse. It is a shame, because USPS used to be teh best in teh world.
A thread of my own! Now I feel guilty, but I will consider it in the future. It takes a while to take and post that many picturers.
OK. I am crtain that I will make a trip to Budapest very soon. This is very addictive and wonderfull stuff. Great pictures by the way. Many interesting variation on leathers and colors.
Benson, Miller, Milton, .... I am so looking forward to getting some of these sooner or later. It is torture to wait for shoes.
Mine aleways delivered (US) FedEx next day with no custom fees imposed or collected. The cost savings is not that great and you risk custom fees more with Royal mail than FedEx, May I recommend that you leave it as is. FedEx expedite their parcels more than RM/USPS when it comes for custome clearance. I am not sure about European custom fees and regulations.
All these recommendations and tips are inspiring me to plan a trip next year as well. I wish I could go now, but it is less fun in winter.
This is good news. Come on all Alfred Sargent fans, this is a great opportunity and a wonderful shoes. Let's send this to production. On bar with EG and G&G shoes at half the price.
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