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I have been dealing with Bespoke for years now and Nick always delivers in 4-6 months depending on your request and time of order. I think most peopel forget that Europeans (unlike Americans) go on longer vacations and this impact delivery times. Most are closed for August and December. I have experience the same delivery pattern with MTO by Bestetti and Edward Green through Leffot as well.
I agree. Good "hunting" for different lethers.
WOW. Vigevano is becoming a Mecca for shoe aficionados. Good for Mr. Bestetti. I think he is one of the best shoemakers alive. I wish he chooses somewhat thicker leather.
The thing is, I am not an American, Although I live in & love the US. So this argument does not apply to people like me. Many of the big spender on the Forum are Europeans as well.Also, as long as I have been alive, there is always a big was that the US is involved in, bigger and longer wars; so the idea of "reprecussions" is independent of spending, moot, and silly!By the way, I love your intreviews.
I guess only hunting or if one is on the battle field.
I have the Bestetti version since last fall. I think the G&G trees are the bonus here. The must have spent more time on the trees than the boots!
The Vibram sole took few weeks to perfect in my size (equivalent to UK 13) It turned out well and I love the combination heel.
Big spender! Not really. Just have one passion and it is fine shoes!
I love the shiny soles, however I find these shoes so sublime that I am afraid to wear them. Somehow, I feel that I am destroying a piece of art. So, from now on, I will order mine in natural sole to show that detail and hammer works. Also, I will wear them sooner! Enjoy you shoes.
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