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Quote: Originally Posted by PolePosition Your scenario is flawed because you present a scenario with a presumption that the law has already sided with Goliath. Let's get some facts. Heck you can even use a hypothetical situation and make it more narrow. Just because David is a working class man doesn't mean he is right. Just because Goliath has money doesn't mean he will win..... have you even studied law? Both sides win all the time. You have to look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Define "justice." I use the term to describe a restoration of balances. In this case, someone with an advantage over another engages in an act of agression and I'm interested in opinions on how this story's victim can have protection or thwart the agresser's attempts outright.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma To put it crudely you'll have two important factors; a) the legal situation itself and b) how much $$$ you can throw at it. David is in deep shit if he is lacking in both areas compared to his opponent.. So yeah our justice system favours those with money, however it does not do it to the exception of everything else. Thank you.
I'd be interested to know in what way the scenario is flawed. How's this for a condensed version then?: To what extent is justice available to the middle and lower classes when opposed to the upper crust of society?
Well, I was hoping for a serious response... anyone?
I'm posting this here because I don't have enough points to visit the Money, Power, Blah-blah forum: My question has to do with the notion of Justice and I'm using the names David and Goliath for illustrative purposes. Goliath: a person of politcal power and social influence. Goliath has many friends in similar positions and likes to make regular display of his position, generally at the expense of those who are less powerful. Goliath's friends think he's just...
Thanks guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese To clarify, is this stuff you left in an office you share with someone? Or did the items go missing from a communal kitchen area? The items went missing from a common kitchen area. It's generally a small friendly staff and I was comfortable air drying my items while I worked, but no longer. I've been too foolish I guess.
What is the correct course of action when an office mate steals/appropriates your flatware, dishes, pots, etc.? I "lost" a Williams/Sonoma pie dish yesterday and a Henkel paring knife last month. I'm curious as to whether this kind of crap occurs in Lawyers offices as well as the blue collar kind that I've been forced to share.
Being eaten alive by blue crabs. Having my throat cut while I slept. Being unable to see straight. My grandfather saws my grandmother in half with a tablesaw and displays no sign of emotion. 'Playing dead' while a monster/thug mutilates the rest of my family. Being forced to sit in a classroom chair while holding my small intestine which was forcibly removed by Frankenstein. (wet and shiny) Those are the more memorable ones.
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