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It's rather common to see a man slip his dress socked foot out of his loafer when standing up talking to somebody or sitting down and eating his lunch. For the sake of getting a little comfortable in the office, have you ever or do you often remove your shoes at your desk or anywhere near the vicinity of your office? Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but I've always gotten turned on at the sight of a well-dressed man dangling his loafers or slipping them off at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Looks like a RL Black Label ad. Goes to show that fashion comes and go, and comes and go. Whatever you don't like, just wait, it'll come back. Hopefully the 70's style will be permanently dead. What was wrong with '70s style? Like the '60s, it was quite a diverse decade for menswear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaux_le_Vicomte Beautiful socks!
I think AE's are the perfect staid, conservative dress shoe, which goes perfect with a Brooks Brothers suit (dark pinstripe or plain) and a nice pair of over-the-calf dark ribbed dress socks (nylon or nylon blend).
Ditalini with fire roasted tomato and garlic sauce.
11 Medium or Wide (depending on the make of the shoe)
The Food Network used to be a decent network at one point. Maybe it's a good thing they don't overexpose Ina Garten and Giada De Laurentiis because they are my favorites on that channel. In fact, I think their shows are the only ones worth watching. Guy Fieri is quickly becoming the male Rachael Ray, and it won't be long before a major network gives him a morning show. I really don't know why FN thinks he's all that. Sara Moulton's show I watched on occasion, but I...
Peggy and Betty do not interest me. Don is a very sexy man and I like Joan's brazen oeuvre. I'm starting to like Sal a lot. One thing struck me as odd: in the episode where Don props his black socked-feet up next to Betty, he's wearing Gold Toe socks. I'm not sure if Gold Toe socks were that ubiquitous in the early '60s. I would think Esquire or Burlington socks were the most popular brands. It is very sexy to see all those suited men in their dress socked feet on...
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