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I agree with a lot of your sentiments. Yes, I too would like to live in the Hamptons and fly to France on a weekend, but sadly, I have to be content with living in a storefront apartment near New York State and deal with the realities of not having much money. Still, Ina gives plenty of inspiration. I don't even bother to watch TNFNS anymore. Nothing is more painful than to watch FN bigwigs Susie and Bob tell hopeful contestants that they don't have "chops" and...
I think the problem with The Food Network is that, as far as their shows go, they want to cram as much into an episode as they possibly can, making it faster for the hosts to run out of new ideas and themes. Your thoughts on Sandra Lee are hysterical. It's really amazing how she can bastardize the concept of cooking with shortcuts. Paula Deen cooking pad thai and sushi is nothing compared to her attempts to cook Italian. I remember on one show she did, she put an...
Buffy Hazelhurst
I like Joan too. Don is disappointing me with this who seprarate storyline now. I wanna see a catfight between Joan and Peggy one of these days.
I've never seen this show. I wish public television would form a network based entirely on cooking and cuisine.
Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961) and My Fair Lady (1964)
I have a love/hate relationship with this network. My favorite show overall is "Barefoot Contessa"; I love Ina Garten's approach to cuisine and presentation. She is the only personality on the network right now who gives props to French cuisine, in considerable doses. "Everyday Italian" with Giada DeLaurentiis is my next favorite show, but I am beginning to realize that Giada has a one-track mind with Italian cooking, in which she uses so much Nutella, mascarpone and...
They need to start utilizing Sal a lot more, other than being in group settings. As it stands, I'm losing interest in this show.
Biz Markie.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Yes I have. I've even walked around the office with shoes off. Because I had to stand all day long at my job, I slipped out of my loafers every now and then. If there was carpeting, I would walk around with them off, but for me I'd rather see another man do it.
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