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I used to like Men's Vogue until they started to emulate GQ. GQ used to be a great magazine before they went the Maxim route and now you can wrap a fish with it.
Just brought out the Christmas CD's! :-)
No doubt a McMacy's will be replacing it. It's sad to think that when I was very young, there were different department stores everywhere, especially in the NY/NJ area.
I saw "Casino Royale" when it hit the theatres about two years ago, and thought Daniel Craig was very handsome. With that said, aside from Craig's 007 movies, I think the last good James Bond movie was "A View To A Kill" with Roger Moore (1985).
I was just about to mention "Alfie". The Jude Law version pales in comparison with the original. I vote for "The Bad And The Beautiful" with Kirk Douglas (1952).
Quote: Originally Posted by James_Black Sandra Lee is always entertaining. What food horror will she come up with next? One never knows! Do not ever watch her show hung-over. You'll want to vomit. For some reason her Kwanzaa Cake recipe isn't on the Food Network's site anymore. Damn shame. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen made on TV. Apple pie filling slopped inside of a store-bought (and later frosted) angelfood cake with Corn Nuts...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I think if you asked her to cook anything not Italian, she'd be at a loss. Well, duh, she specializes in Italian cooking (or semi-Italian cooking, if her usage of wonton stickers to make ravioli is any indication of her deviation from tradition).
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Two quotes from Matt Damon about the differences: I take it Matt Damon is a mangina then.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I hate Ina Garten. Fuck her. She's painfully self absorbed and incredibly arrogant and her show is virtually useless. Not everyone can hop down to the local market and pick up a fresh brace of Cornish hens and then motor off to the specialized cookwear store to spend hundreds of dollars on one-time-use items (that she surely gets for free). Also, including your ugly/boring friends and mentioning your husband Jeffrey every...
Oh, I know who you're referring to--that's Andrew Zimmern. I really don't know the point of shows like that. It's no different than what Bourdain does. I think Americans have a sense that what people eat in non-Western countries is something they wouldn't exactly want to put in their own mouths. Guess it's basically for shock value. I used to watch the original "Iron Chef" all the time years ago; in fact, that was how I was first exposed to FN. Then they take it...
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