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Lucky Louie
Smoked a Diplomaticos Habana #2 Torpedo yesterday, good smoke!
Face & head every other day.
I shave my head and use disposable 2 or 3 bladed razors and get amazing results. Shower first with hot water to soften the stubble, then apply a good quality shaving cream and let it sit for a few minutes. The first few times only shave with the grain, once your head gets used to it you can do a second across the grain pass and then eventually an additional against the grain pass. Rinse your head with cold water when done and apply a good aftershave!
Whiz wit.
Marley and Me
As the title implies, what cut do you prefer and why? Do you cut certain sizes with a different method? Please discuss.
Depends, based on my mood and what i'm doing ex: I always smoke one when I go to Atlantic City. I probably vary between 1-4 a month.
Leg shaking right now.
Im on SI. Traffic during rush is bad, other than that its fine.
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