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that kind of happened to my pair of Clark's desert boots too... but maybe not as bad. But makes me think twice when i wear them now. you have to be very careful with them. not as tough as you might think.
i quite like these boots veggie... how much?
timpoblete i love the rounded collar shirts. patrik ervell did some like that ... i wont go off track about engineered garments though. they need some more european stockists. mark
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace I like these a lot but for the love of god don't pay retail. As most people will tell you, OC shoes are way overpriced and are kinda cheap construction/material wise though I'v never heard of shoes falling apart. That being said, a lot of people get them resoled or wear them with orthotics or what have you. With OC, Rachel Comey, B Store etc type shoes, you're paying for styling which I think is worth it if...
some could pull it off, some might look like an old grandad. who knows, i will need to see a picture of you wearing it.
true i can't say i prefer one, as im not a fan of either. i would go with a muted color personally. but if i did have to, gold.
its true on the ugly thing, i mean they aren't all that really, most can be ugly. ( i reckon the budget was down back in the day lol ) but now i think they are getting better but less slutty, which is annoying.
i have a bold 9000 and my friend has a 8900, i like em both lol i cant complain on anything really, i guess the keys he said could be small.
i have the flu. not swine flu!!! hate it when people keep saying that, and i have to work 7 till five on my business ha gutted.
Quote: Originally Posted by HedgeFundHotSHot If you plan to court some one, won't be able to live on 250k. yup lol or kids. good one.
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