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What garbage. Balzac was incredibly fat by 19th century standards and he was a nightowl. He woke at 10pm and wrote through the night until morning. He wasn't a clotheshorse.
Anyone know if there will be a sweatshirt this year??
I like the suit!
I'm usually a large but now and then I fit a medium. I took the photo in Greece, on the island of Ithaki: the words were written in the concrete outside someone's house. It reads "offered to Odysseus"
I LOVE the fit of the dark blue linen shirt. I bought M (according to SoWillard it was a 42 measurement).
I guess everyone has to take their turn hosting this thing. Maybe one day the IRB will be as bad as FIFA.
ABs were the best team in the RWC: Thorn, Kaino, and Dagg and a couple others were awesome when they took the field, and I thought Weepu was fine until the last two games. Obviously McCaw is in decline, and like Pocock was lucky not to be penalised more.
So close. I really wanted France to win - or rather I've never wanted a team to lose more.
Yep. And what a way for Cooper to finish his World Cup. Deans made a few big selection errors. He should have used Sharpe and Barnes more, but played Cooper much less. Samo is someone to bring on at 60min. Also, Deans failed to improve the scrum since the last World Cup.
The players are still working that out.
New Posts  All Forums: