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I'm interested in a copper tweed shirt jacket, yep
I guess I'm nostalgic for the charcoal bomber circa 2011 or so. Geller makes the greatest bombers around.
I think the patch bomber would look better without the patch. I'd buy it without the patch
What garbage. Balzac was incredibly fat by 19th century standards and he was a nightowl. He woke at 10pm and wrote through the night until morning. He wasn't a clotheshorse.
Anyone know if there will be a sweatshirt this year??
I like the suit!
I'm usually a large but now and then I fit a medium. I took the photo in Greece, on the island of Ithaki: the words were written in the concrete outside someone's house. It reads "offered to Odysseus"
I LOVE the fit of the dark blue linen shirt. I bought M (according to SoWillard it was a 42 measurement).
I guess everyone has to take their turn hosting this thing. Maybe one day the IRB will be as bad as FIFA.
ABs were the best team in the RWC: Thorn, Kaino, and Dagg and a couple others were awesome when they took the field, and I thought Weepu was fine until the last two games. Obviously McCaw is in decline, and like Pocock was lucky not to be penalised more.
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