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PM'd you a few days ago re: Dalton's from other thread.
Ouch.. So total cost ends up being ~$300 for the classic line?I've been ready to buy a pair and try these shoes out, but paying close to $100 for shipping & duties is not what I care for.Maybe I'll ask them to ship via Royal Mail as well.. But I thought that Royal Mail only applied to parcels coming out of the UK?
Have any Canadians ordered from Meermin? Curious as to how much it ends up costing in total.
Hey guys, how accurate have you all found the PDF for the fitting guide in predicting your size?
Anyone wearing an 8UK and able to give me the length of their shoe?
Anyone have a pair of Allen Edmonds and able to comment on how the lengths compare? Is it true that these run a bit larger than AEs in general?
What exactly are the "Core" weird guys and how do they differ from the regular ones? I see them on Karm - a - loop, but there are really no other details on the site.
No problem.
First of all, I gave them an EXACT measurement of my foot length, width, etc. The only reason I referenced DB in here was to see if anyone had a frame of reference regarding how they fit compared to a boot that generally runs large.Unfortunately for me, I live ~2 hours away from the nearest retailer of AE, C&J, etc. It's a sad reality, but it is what it is.There's no need to be an asshole about it.
Spoke with Jose a few days ago.. Great service, very cordial.. Unfortunately, I was asking about sizing and wasn't able to get a definitive answer.. Can anyone suggest how large or small some of the lasts go? Particularly, I'm looking at New Rey, Ana and Hiro lasts. I don't have any dress shoes currently, since I lost a lot of weight, and as a result, my foot size shrunk by almost a full size. Currently wearing 9.5 US, but generally in sneakers and casual shoes. For a...
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