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pics/fit pics? DM me.
Looking for ToJ pieces, mostly looking for QBCDR and Varsity. Might look for rucksack and oxfords if prices are right.
looking to purchase TOJ varsity in 48 or DR in 48. Thanks.
this is so funny. how many time have u said last drop?
obviously window paired computers beat apples if u match specs vs price. however, some users ritually use apple's programs and such advertising is redundant.
lol u can get these shit for $80 from monster cables. and btw, $230 is retail for brand new ones, not FACTORY REFURBISHED ones.
e-Bay Link: I'm willing to let it go for $2,595.00 if we avoid e-Bay fees by doing PayPal only. You CAN do gift and I'll cut the costs down to $2495.00, but its not recommended for a purchase as expensive as this. (Thinking for your own good) However, if you feel insecure about an expensive transaction, you can always shoot me a fair offer with my e-Bay link. Any e-Bay auctions ending today (12/13/10) also gives you a...
how much for the wireless controllers? and are they using the AA batteries?
are all of the hardware apple oem? i would know because i own a 17'' with the same specs but different resolution, obviously. im thinking about downgrading to a 15'' and selling my 17''. but at this price, its not too convincing, if you could do something about that, with ebay listing as well as pictures of any cosmetic issues, i would like to see them.
is that model guy or girl? i cant tell.
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