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looking to purchase TOJ varsity in 48 or DR in 48. Thanks.
this is so funny. how many time have u said last drop?
obviously window paired computers beat apples if u match specs vs price. however, some users ritually use apple's programs and such advertising is redundant.
lol u can get these shit for $80 from monster cables. and btw, $230 is retail for brand new ones, not FACTORY REFURBISHED ones.
e-Bay Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=220709429067 I'm willing to let it go for $2,595.00 if we avoid e-Bay fees by doing PayPal only. You CAN do gift and I'll cut the costs down to $2495.00, but its not recommended for a purchase as expensive as this. (Thinking for your own good) However, if you feel insecure about an expensive transaction, you can always shoot me a fair offer with my e-Bay link. Any e-Bay auctions ending today (12/13/10) also gives you a...
how much for the wireless controllers? and are they using the AA batteries?
are all of the hardware apple oem? i would know because i own a 17'' with the same specs but different resolution, obviously. im thinking about downgrading to a 15'' and selling my 17''. but at this price, its not too convincing, if you could do something about that, with ebay listing as well as pictures of any cosmetic issues, i would like to see them.
is that model guy or girl? i cant tell.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra two hundred nine? since when did freaking mean add?
june 12th of 200 freaking 9.
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