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Ditto no additional discounts on the Rrl items. they had a nice linen indigo cardi down to 350 from 895The store on Broadway has better prices right now
They do! They had some decent things last time I was there they had some nice cardigans etc but a few months ago all they had were some bad button downs.
Interested in this as well
Yes it is an additional 30 off sale priced items which are 40 off. Got the cream colored cardigan with 1947 patch for 209
Brand new never worn leather green bally shoe/sneaker
Purchased for 1,000 at the limited pop up on Kenmare, Very fun Waist length jacket, plaid lining heavy duty sleeves awesome jacket
A bargain on these unworn E Zegna Shoes, Purchased in person at saks never worn cleaning out my closet
Really nice rag and bone shirt with button down collar and painted white buttons, red and blue stripes run down the center very nice
Beautiful Brown pair of Bruno's split toe, amazing
lowering this to 250
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