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Great stuff!!I was there scooping up some amazing home pieces and got a pair of the vintage cowboy boots for 20 bucks,Also I got my girl a ton of clothing at like 10-20 bucks an item, great excuse to let me buy more RRL for myself haha
purple black and blue label 50 rrl 30 off
I have no clue and didn't ask questions just bought!! lolFlannel Navy Suit for 320 and some great RRL pieces at discount
Rrl in stores is 30 percent off lowest, everything else is 50 off this was at Rrl west Broadway, the mansion and 5th ave.
In stores all the black label is marked red to the same price as marked online, plus 50% off of that, purchased a tux for 425 at the mansion last week
Most of the marked sale items on Blue label, Purple and Black are 50 percent off sale price which is way better than online, RRL is 30 off in stores
did these sell?
Yes, its VERY soft feels almost like a mix between cashmere and fleece. not my style but i would have gotten just based on comfort
BNIB Never opened Bleu de chanel
Finally won something although missed out on the vest and scarf as well next time!
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