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10/23/11 - South Willard just restocked on CDW - Cheers.
Yes, I was told to expect a restock in October.
Measurements for a SMALL California Winter Jacket:Length (collar to waist): 28.0" Shoulder: 22.0" Chest: 22.5" (pit to pit) Arm: 26.0"I am 6'2" and weigh 185 and the small is just a bit too short for me. I will need a Medium.Cheers.
Check my listing on eBay (expires 9/5) for size SMALL measurements. Purchased this jacket from another SF member, but it was just a bit too short for me (PERFECT CONDITION). I hope to re-purchase this jacket again in a size Medium once South Willard gets their next shipment in. Cheers.
MOVED TO EBAY - AUCTION ENDS 18 MAY - MENTION THAT YOU ARE SF FORUM MEMBER AND RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA - CHEERS I have a pair of IH-634s in size 33x34 for sale (also listed on the Iron Heart forum). I purchased these a couple of months ago. Never worn and never washed. For sale until Sunday evening (15 May) - then off to eBay. I no longer have the cardboard pocket tag. Free FedEx Home or UPS ground shipping...
PM me if you have an engineered garments cruiser jacket in XL in navy or olive for sale from SS2011. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe Hi zgco, thank you! That was helpful. Would it be possible to also measure the hem, please? Post-wash: Crotch to hem: 32" Hem flat: 9" Bottom of hem to stitching: 1"
I can provide you with the measurements for a 34 2011 waist (lying flat) on the USN Pants: Measurement with waist tabs buttoned: 17" Measurement with waist tabs unbottoned: 18 1/4" Perhaps someone else could post the measurments for a size 32 Cheers. Quote: Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe Hi, did anyone here purchase this season's ripstop USN pant? I am trying to find out about the fit. In most stores, the description is that it's a...
Does anyone know where to pick up the cruiser jacket in Olive or Navy XL? Seems as though it is sold out pretty much everywhere. Cheers.
Is the EG cruiser jacket still available in Olive XL? If so, please PM me. Cheers.
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