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Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti I doubt EG will lose any business. Who isn't losing business in this economy?
Actually the more I think about this, the more stupid EG sounds. Who cares if they want to dictate exactly when and how much their sales are? They'll lose business and they'll learn the hard way that their product simply isn't good enough to be that arrogant. I can't believe they are taking that stance in this economy. Morons.
^ market's getting extremely competitive in this economy. Similar practices are happening in other forms of retail as well, not just clothing. Various discounts on the internet are becoming a serious threat to brick and mortar businesses, big time. But yeah, the people who do that shit are douchebags.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I don't know pp I ain't feelin the grey with the dark brown, if it was a light grey with sand or light brown shoes it would work better. White jeans there would seal it. Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Honestly I really like the whole colour palette until the shoes, which just seem a little sharp. I know, brown, but they're a pretty saturated shade... I dunno, it really draws my eye to...
yeah, she does look pretty slutty, sometimes. But she cleans up well and can look pretty classy for special events and shit
^ Nice one.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Not to be a dick, but why? It certainly affects YOU exactly ZERO how I show up to an event. "OMG I'm so embarrassed that he dresses that way!" Why? What business is it of yours? Fuck off, you nosey busy-body. You know why? Because that kind of thinking ends up becoming some kind of thinly disguised brand whoring that we had in high-school. "OMG you can't afford Marithe Girbaud and Guess jeans? Oh what a...
Oh damn. Fake but still delivers. (NSFW)
Can't beat the ones in the OP
They should make 40oz denim. Or better yet, they should make some shirts made out of wood, or steel wool. They should make fuckin armour shirts and pants, or concrete plated jackets. Next level. EPIC FADEZ
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