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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Of course. I disagree with everything he is doing, ergo I think he is lousy. What do you expect? A fair chance?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I am willing now to believe that Obama is in the top 1% by IQ, but I still say he is a lousy president. After only 9 months into his presidency?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I was up at West Point today. Saw, among other things, the Formation: the entire Corps of Cadets lines up by brigade on down outside the Mess Hall, then they all file in together for lunch. Today it rained like hell. Army regulations say no umbrellas with uniforms, ever. So they get wet. They feed the entire Corps (4,400) plus much of the faculty and staff in one sitting, every day, in a gigantic building shaped...
Quote: Originally Posted by saint Dumb asses who launch idiotic threads like this one. Are you trying to say that there are people who don't support the idea of pre-emptive strikes?
Sheesh, you guys are awfully quick. Wait for the poll already...
For being dictators, posing threats, or for humanitarian reasons...(the reasons aren't very important when it comes to pre-emptive strikes, what's really important is kicking ass and policing the world no matter what the cost.)
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh As much as I disliked 7 & 1/2 tears of Team Bush ( the first 1/2 year was OK ), I voted no. I think he was a terrible President and made many grievous errors as well as being generally incompetent, but War Crimes? No, I think that would be a bad idea. Sort of like Clinton's impeachment. It might have satisfied those that hated Bill C., but it wasn't good for our country. By the same token, bringing up War Crimes...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I take issue with your personal attacks on Lance. He is just a kid. The people who deserve blame are the ones who think his posts contain arguments that merit a response. Nevermind the inconvenient fact that this is your 3rd post in this thread. So much for consistency, eh there dopey?
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 Really? Was this warranted? You may need to detach stick from anus. See? That one was pretty good. Not particularly original, but still decent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano You know, you've become a real master at the personal attack. That's fine. You haven't been around all that long. If you decide to stick around longer you may find that a few things are true about this place. First this is actually a fairly good place where people who disagree with each other on a wide range of issues dialogue. I've had my mind changed on any number of issues by people on this board. ...
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