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Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy +1
I'm thinking about building myself a pretty inexpensive little set up with a Rega turntable and some Paradigm speakers with some really good cables. Do I need a preamp? Or just an amp? Any recommendations? I'd like to get into vinyl, but I want to spend as little as possible cuz I'm not exactly loaded.
It takes a very long time before muscle tissue is catabolized. Don't worry about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report Duffer Themata Lee Superga Same old look, felt like listing brands this time. Puzzled. Great. Looks good.
Get a pair with an inseam 3" longer than normal, and buy your normal waist size. The length shrinks like a motherfucker. Shrinkage in the waist is relatively minimal, and stretches back out quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2sweet Awesome, man. Those black STF's truly ARE black. Actually, I lied. Those are black prewashed 501's, not the STF. I didn't really like the color of the black STF's as much, I wanted more of a flat black. The black STF's are pretty grainy.
^ those are discontinued in the STF. But you can still find them in the prewashed, it's called "desert khaki."
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Wrong. I'm going to defend EG on this one. They're doing an excellent job with design and production. And they are a world-class operation when it comes to brand building. They have great press coverage and Daiki gets a write-up every week. They make beautiful and unique items. They've been soldiering with their aesthetic for a few years now. Recently, their popularity has exploded and a lot of the kids wearing BAPE...
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland I disagree with this. If EG doesn't put the restrictions up and people keep returning crap to the vendors, then those vendors will refuse to stock EG products. If these pissed off vendors don't stock EG products, they will get less exposure and less buyers of their product. Not all the buyers of EG products are members of a forum that get a discount on the product. So the people who are telling these vendors they...
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce +1. While it's sad for us, this isn't going to hurt EG in any noticeable way. Eh, I was under the impression that there are a bunch of styleforumers who buy a lot of EG. They seem to be pretty popular here.
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