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I fail to see how eating 6 meals per day could possibly be "easier" for anyone. A cow perhaps, but not a human.
Most food "spikes" insulin. Your post workout shake still causes a rise in insulin despite using skim milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex the only people doing smith machine squats are the ones who drink milk mixed with coke to gain weight. They're also usually the same fools who do leg presses with a 3 inch range of motion.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student Some friends of mine went to the Burger Bar last time we were in Vegas. They said it was terrible. Your friends are a bunch of fags.
If anyone invites a PM, let me know.
I'm a small timer. Only nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and marijuana. I will try DMT though eventually, and only properly administered by a shaman in the amazon.
For some reason, this pic: reminded me of:
If you're in the mood for a great burger, hit up the Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay for a Kobe burger. I have to get one every time I go to Vegas, it's like a compulsion. Have it with a nice draft Guinness and life is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe If someone can read through this diet and think it's nutritionally and healthily sound; then I feel sorry for their lack of background knowledge to see through the smoke and mirrors. It won't be worth the time trying to get you to "see the light." Which diet? You mean intermittent fasting or the OP's detox "master cleanse" diet? Because I do not recommend the master cleanse diet at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Bringing this back from the dead because: It's a daily ritual for many (4.59 times a week on average), but NPR asks you to consider why, exactly, you're shampooing your hair every single day. It's not always necessary, and can actually harm your hair. Photo by National Public Radio's story, available in text and audio, details the history of the social...
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