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Quote: Originally Posted by blackdarkeye lol i googled this, it was weird toe thumbs of the world unite!
Eggs are really overconsumed in this country. They should be treated like a delicacy.
It seems like whenever you guys choose to deviate from the house cut, more than say an inch or so, the jackets look "off." All you guys who insist on fucking with the lapel width makes ordering a TaT suit pointless. From my pov, the whole point of buying a TaT suit is because the house cut is a razor sharp, slim 60's vibe. If you don't want that, which you don't if you insist on mucking around with the specs, then why are you buying a TaT suit? Buy from a different...
Nice trolling, chrisjr. Next level.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quatsch People at my girlfriend's school (a very small, wealthy liberal arts college) do this a lot, and I generally find it pretentious and affected. Doubtlessly its because I'm too plebian and unsophisticated, or some such rot. French, Belgians, and I think maybe Italians do this as well, but to both men and women. It can definitely be awkward when you're caught off guard and a guy does it. Yeah, true. French,...
I think it usually looks pretty contrived and awkward when Americans do it, and often ends up being an "air kiss." The only people who do it right are Spaniards, and that's because it's a very old tradition for them. It might be becoming more common with young people in America because they see people doing it on "The Hills" and other related MTV drivel.
Karma. That's what he gets for destroying 97.1.
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh After 26 years on the planet, out of the blue I'm starting to get pimples on my face! They not huge, just pinhead sized, pus-filled, nasty things! WTF? What could be causing them to appear all of sudden? I didn't have a sudden diet change, still wash my sheets etc. Sounds like you have AIDS.
I'm well aware of how you would break up the meals on a 6 meal per day plan. I've done it. I know all about it. It sucks, it's annoying, it's a fucking pain in the ass, it's obnoxious, expensive and wasteful, and I was constantly hungry. I'm am so thrilled to know that I don't have to live by that moronic "you have to eat 6 smaller meals per day to speed up your metabolism!!" dogma anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 yeah one on way to office one when i arrive one at lunch one at 3 one at 5 one after dinner one before gym one before bed Jesus Christ. How do you sleep?
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