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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Well, in general, himself. To the point though, the guy lives a luxurious and pampered life. You can make excuses, like the one above, but they ring very hollow given Moore could at least live modestly within this system, vs. the luxurious and isolated life of privilege he does. That his supporters are so ready to blindly overlook this is a laughable thing. He owns a house in Michigan and an apartment in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire The fact you would make this excuse, and the fact Moore has no excuse, tells me both of your like the current system more than you let on. Pardon? What does he have to make an excuse for?
Stick to shitting up posts with your red text, comedy isn't your thing.
Saw it the other day. It was pretty good, I recommend it for both righties and lefties. Should spark some good discussions about good ol' capitalism. Very entertaining. As far as the comments about him being able to make a film about capitalism while profiting from it - hey, he's a filmaker. It isn't his fault that shitloads of people are willing to pay him to see his films. He lives in a system where his art is rewarded handsomely, what should he do, refuse the...
It's on La Cienega, just south of Santa Monica Blvd. Try the white pizza.
I think Obama should refuse the prize and give it to those more deserving, like the teabaggers and the 9/12 project.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Take one look at his prices in the US and it's not surprising nobody here is buying the stuff. $885 for a shirt? $1200 for hitops? Who's buying this stuff? No shit. Stuff is dope but with these ridiculous of prices I actually think these designers deserve to go bankrupt. Every time I see the Yohi section at Barneys I just wonder, who is actually wearing this gear?
Conservative's erupt in cheers over the "good news." http://thinkprogress.org/2009/10/02/afp-olympics-cheer/
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