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Quote: Originally Posted by mainy Maybe it is I guess those are just the items I feel like I read about nonstop. Which is funny because I own a couple of them, maybe I'm propagating it. It's probably all in my head. It's not in your head. That shit is all over this forum. And what's the deal with those Alden Indy boots anyway? I mean really.
Quote: Originally Posted by why To whom? Your mom.
Quote: Originally Posted by why I think the purpose of this challenge is to do something less ordinary. TR and Ed Hardy do not qualify by default. But they would be out of the ordinary for pretty much everyone here...and making them look cool would be impressive. Anyway, it was a pretty tongue in cheek comment.
Here's a challenge: Make a pair of True Religion jeans look good. Wear something from Ed Hardy and make it look pretty cool. Can this be done? (Maybe I went too far.)
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Very interesting and I think you may be right. Same for MC, too. MC is worse. But that's understandable in a way.
She looks really beautiful in this shot.
What the hell is up with this place? Everyone is coming to grips with their own boringness. Styleforvm group think tends to eliminate "flash" from everyone's style, so everyone is left looking identical to each other. WAYWT should be renamed to "what the clones are wearing today," because everyone wears the exact same kinds of raw denim, the exact same kinds of shirts, the exact same kinds of jackets, shoes, etc. There are really only a handful of posters who are...
It's her mouth. Sometimes she's got a bit of horseface going on. By the way guys, there are other models out there other than the Victoria Secret angels.
^ Sometimes Karolina Kurkova looks really great, sometimes she looks really bad. I can't figure her out.
The birks ruin the fit. They look enormous.
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