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Tempurpedic is the biggest rip off on the planet. Close to 3 grand for some slow moving foam that's hot as hell, feels like quicksand, takes forever to mold to you when you turn, emits fumes, is toxic, and provides no "resistance" because you mold to it rather than an innerspring pushing up and supporting you...thanks but I'll pass.
Skulls are a good suggestion. How about getting some Pure Blue's in?
Quote: Originally Posted by meta I am all about the ocean wash. Here is what I did in Mexico. rolled up my pant legs to turn my new standards into shorts, then jumped in the ocean and swam around for a good 10 minutes. then I got up on shore burried myself in sand, and fell asleep. Then I got up, and walked around in my jeans until they were somewhat dry, then hung them up. My jeans had a thin layer of sand on them, but still looked beautiful. I wore them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill Macy's juniors section c. 2002. Yup. Osh Kosh B'gosh
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Thanks, jet. lol, did he say that? Great minds...
Best thing to do is try a few of them on. See how you feel in them. But the straight sven is my personal favorite from nudie.
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later bigskydream, those jeans fit you perfectly from looking at the picture. People here have become too used to seeing skinny jeans here and baggy jeans in public, that it seems many of us have forgotten how normal jeans are supposed to fit if you have an average build. Props on the jeans man, don't sell them, they look great. +1. Exactly. Great fit. Some of the members here aren't going to be...
I am a naturally slim person, I used to be a lot slimmer. But trust me, you wouldn't want to adopt my eating habbits, which used to be unbelievable. I have a fairly high metabolism now, it used to be even higher. I used to eat, eat, eat, eat, constantly when I got home from school. I ate massive portions too. I ate bugers, fries, coke, constantly. Burritos, entire large pizzas, 8 or 9 tacos at a time, everything and anything bad for you, I ate it and was still in...
Not bad. I'd be interested to see how those look with some jeans on someone.
- I go for simple, classic looks - Never wear a crew t-shirt under a buttonfront shirt. A v-neck is the only option for me. - Instead of wearing a short sleeve buttonfront shirt, I'd rather wear a long sleeve shirt, but with the sleeves rolled up. - Fit is more important than quality, with the exception of denim where I must have both. - Clothes should be an extension of my personality, but my style is constantly evolving
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