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-Rag & Bone RB6b -Mark Nason Capone's What do you think about the color of these boots with these jeans?
I've been wondering about teal myself lately. It's an awesome color but difficult to match. Looks like a complimentary color to teal would be like a maroon, or plum or burgundy, so you could try one of those colors for the hoody instead of the grey. And I think teal looks great with a light grey, makes a nice contrast. you could try it with grey jeans. http://colorblender.com/?preloadblen...00C4C4C43B3B3B Perhaps with cordavan shoes?
Cool, thanks for the help guys
Hey all, I'm new to this board and I've lately become a lot more interested in clothes within the past few months or so. I've got a few questions that I've been wondering about... 1. Is it the general consensus that any color goes with denim? If so, why is that? Is it because of the fabric? 2. Navy and black do not go well together, but why can you wear a black t-shirt with dark denim jeans? 3. Can you wear brown boots/shoes with jeans as long as whatever shirt...
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