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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie fuck ipods, and pod-casts I really wish people would stop embracing them, so that I could have the huge Radio/Hi-Fi/TV unit in my first home. TV has to be all stupid and digital now, and everyone loves these damn mp3 players... I want a TV/STEREO that takes up a large portion of my living room like a credenza, not some piece of plastic the same size as the salmon my grandma eats while playing bingo at her nursing...
Here's another, just for you.
^ For real.
Video here. Are narrow leg openings with a good amount of "stacking" on trousers sort of a trend at the moment? Pics don't really show it, but you can really see it in the video.
So what exactly is drape now?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart with the new Smart mobile Jump the Gun black plaid shirt TaT grey jacket agnes b navy trou Costume National dark red zip boot Good shit. Cool pic
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^i'm generally defending myself from my wife's comments about what a loser i am for posting my pics online. she gave it a rest tonight, hence the semi-smile. That is hilarious.
The days of terrestrial radio are almost over. Just recently 103.1 turned into a fucking spanish station, and now no more 97.1. There are literally no listenable stations on the radio anymore except 89.9, and I'm sure they'll be next to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya
Quote: Originally Posted by TheFusilliJerry Nice jacket.
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