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Does anyone have pictures of themselves wearing the cadet or trapper jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by Best Budz Anyone have any experience with the Shroud of Purin jacket? I want it so bad. They don't have any in size S.
Still available!
Any updates?
Gently used (and in great condition) North Face soft-shell jacket. Great for spring! Pictures are available upon request. PM me with any questions or offers. Asking: $50 shipped to the states (FedEx). This is the item: I have sold here previously and have good ebay feedback as a reference.
Looking to get these: $49 after 30% off coupon.
Anyone have any input on them? I'm looking to purchase the acoustic jacket: Any input (in regard to fit/quality)/pics would be greatly appreciated.
What clippers do you guys recommend?
What about:
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