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Is that a Celadon? I received mine recently but have to send it to Beijing for repairs as it's running fast by an hour a day.
Nice work. I think mine is #1.
I have a couple of SAB Gladstones from the 1980s that are really nice but I don't get to use much at all.
Not really what I'd call a Gladstone bag.
Why is still here?
I'd be in for a slimfit Enfield or SF moto in navy FQHH
Harassed for his views. Were they so controversial? edit: I can't explain why I chose that efooticon, but it seems to fit.
A waxy navy slim fit Enfield is the next leather on my list, unless I can find a TOJ1 first.
I've been 'guilty' of not following the rules myself when I was younger, but that was more due to the fact that I couldn't afford to buy a proper DJ. I managed to pick up a black short cropped DJ a bit like a Mess jacket for cheap/ on sale in TopMan/ Burtons and wore it with a black waistcoat/wing collar/ black tie and a pair of non-DJ (ie no stripe down the seams) black pants that were high waisted and held up by braces. I think that I thought I looked quite smart then,...
The Commemoration Ball is White Tie.
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