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Cheers, I already have a junya racer
there you are
Double riders are not my thing, but I"m intrigued.
I wore these to my wedding yesterday, having swapped out the laces for ribbon laces. I thought they looked great.
I've been a waistcoat guy myself (except with DB) but yesterday I wore an off white peak lapel tux with a cummerbund and I liked it.
I'm happy with BCDR that I received during the last dispatch. I ordered June and was expecting it before Christmas, but an email to Charly just before suggested that I'd get it just after. Which was fine, as it'd be Chinese New Year but then that came and went, and I just ended up wondering when it'd arrive. It was eventually ready when I was on sabbatical in Tokyo and they kindly sent it to my hotel there and I wore it for several weeks. I really like it and think it's...
I wore mine to my wedding yesterday and gave my wife hers as her present. Lovely watches.
As an aside, I have this charvet ivory white silk pocket square that I was going to put into action after keeping it NWT for about 8 years. In a careless moment, I snipped a little chunk out of the fabric instead of the plastic tag holder Luckily it was near the 'Charvet' mark that I would normally not expose to the world anyway, but still...
Thanks for the info. By sparkle, do you mean sheen or real sparkle?
^ really? My camo Junya moto is really thick and heavy
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