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Anyway, I deleted the 'contentious' first photo.
I have no particular problem with you using my 'excellent' pictues but it does make you seem a bit suspicious when somebody notices. Generally you do ask permission to use another member's pictures, but usually it's of that same item ie you bought them from the guy who had excellent pictures...
If only it could be let out for a fat 42
2nd gen MBA was much better than the first and I really liked it. First iPad was also a wow for me due to its battery life.
Is it actually finished yet?
I would probably be wow'd by a retina iMac if I had one. My desktop is a hacktintosh hooked up to two 27" 2560x1440 monitors.
What's the scam? The 8.5/9.5's were mine. Hmm, the first photo is indeed mine too.
Price cuts!
I have the grey made up, and wore it today.
And it's finally motivated me to fix up my old LP12. I have a really old motor and the internal leads, if anyone wants these for spares for the cost of postage, let me know before I chuck them out. Goodbye stock old stuff, hello Hercules II, Cirkus subchassis and a Ittok tone arm that's been 'souped up' by Audio Origami
New Posts  All Forums: