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I have one of these in XXL if anyone's interested.
Lengthwise, yes. It has a different cross section, ie triangular.
Hey, freebies? I claim my freebie then. If it's not clear, I was including myself when I made the fattie remark
No, the wrinkling. If you want your boobs doing you can call me
What's up with the chest on the darker suit?
Planning a big cull. Unworn MTO pair - really nice midnight blue antique with navy country calf. Price includes registered airmail worldwide. I'm going to leave these here for one week and the thread will be closed if not sold, it will not be bumped.
So many fatties.
Some more tyre-kicking, if I wanted to get a grey flannel suit, should I use my Fox flannel (already in hand) or get Minnis flannel, which I hear is hard as nails?
Measurements added to the BBGF
New Posts  All Forums: