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If it fits, then fine. If not, it doesn't really matter what the label is.
Wow, photo turned out big
Nice, are the medium grey bits actually there or is it a trick of the fluffiness? I have a suit in this that I hardly wear because it seems too contrasty to me
I hope it works out for you. It seems you'll have to just leave it to them. Just don't let Lucca get at you otherwise you'll be leaving with a fluorescent green number.
For outdoors, in the summer, pretty much anything is too thick.
It's good that he is happy with his first Chan suit. Hopefully he'll always be that happy with it.
I doubt you'll find a fabric for all HK seasons.
The D'Angela/ Princess tribute on Fallon was pretty good. Sniff.
The first pair is good value and should be reasonably well constructed. If they fit and you don't mind used shoes, go for it.
I tend to agree, unless you want your holiday dominated by rushing to tailors and worrying if they'll deliver on time.
New Posts  All Forums: