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Price cuts
Seems that I missed an update to the IMac retina whilst away on holiday. But it's a lower spec 'update', so credit card stays in wallet for now.
I don't know if the Borrelli linen suit is still available, but if it is, someone should jump on it sit should be at least twice the asking price.
Being Chinese it was difficult to try and blend in, though trying to speak a bit of Italian does really help break the ice.
I wore GATs
Sorry to hear that. That's terrible.
Enjoyed or avoided, I'm not sure I get what you mean
Had a great trip to Italy. Not everything was about food, but it was a great way to meet and chat. Rome - a bit disappointing foodwise in the sense that the old favourite Trattoria Perilli is now stuffed full of tourists. A bit ironic, but you don't really want to hear American accents on pretty much every other table. Carbonara is still great but secondi were a bit meh. Flavio (also in Testaccio) was a bit underwhelming and again, full of tourists. Day time casual/...
There isn't really that much room for bargaining really.
Looks good, but don't be too optimistic price wise
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