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Stooges measurements Shoulders 18 Chest 22.5 x 2 Back 25.5 Sleeve 28.5
More stuff to clear. This is a really nice suit - I say jacket and free pants because there are a couple of stains on the pants near the right rear pocket, I don't know if it'll come out with stain removers/ laundry. I've been getting fresco suits made up so linen is less useful for me now. K Jackets, for those who are not familiar, is the higher line with better construction. Price includes worldwide shipping. Price cut 375 to 325, rock bottom 275usd...
Name of the trattoria on Via Toledo please? edit: ah, this via Toledo is in Naples. I'm unlikely to be going to Naples soon, at least it will be after my next Italy trip which should be going NorthEast/ North from Rome taking in Bologna, Parma, Turin before flying off from Milan. Talking about pizzas, the Tokyo branch of da Michele is good but the atmosphere is completely different, the pizza is good (though I don't think quite as good as the Naples shop, but that could...
Nice, what was the dinner recommendation in Rome please?
Nice hotel. Bangkok is good for a short trip; I stayed at the St Regis earlier this month and it wasn't too pricey. Is there anything on the card about 'transfer'of the voucher?
Some photos would probably help us understand the magnitude of the disaster. If it helps, the price of the jeans and pants is probably nowhere near 1000usd
Great boots but I have to admit that they're really not me. RU 5867/ LAP code. Darkdust. Comes with a nice bag/ tote. Size 44, and fits my us10D dress shoe feet fine. Price includes worldwide registered airmail. Price cut from 425 to 365usd shipped.--> last go at 330usd before I just wear it.
New, in a generic Polo shoe box if you want it. Comes with EG trees. Price includes worldwide registered airmail. I think it's a pretty good price but shoot me an offer. Reduced from 800 to 750 usd shipped. [28th Sept] Last bump, I'm going to withdraw these from sale when it comes to bump time. Last drop to 730usd shipped. Staple brown oxford in medium brown (Edwardian I believe). Gorgeous, but just too many shoes and need to make room for my Meccariello etc.
Ah all these numbers. I have 516 being made into a suit right now - 3 piece, yes I know 3 piece fresco etc, but I like it
Ah if only I hadn't bought five ties this past week.
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