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He seems to keep to time. But then I've never been in a rush, so can't really comment. He did let me know when he envisaged a delay due to his new baby.
Super cheap. Will also consider trades in 50-52 stuff.
What's with these auto-playing video ads? Most of the time, you can't even pause them manually, I'm having to mute my computer now.
Very nice.
Got my auction goodies from Shaya @ Exquisite Trimmings. Great tie, certainly on a par with EG Capelli and (dare I say it) Passagio Cravatte.
Don't be silly.
You could just email him.
Are these fashion forward/ informal?
Nice. Is that aubergine?
Agreed. I've had a lot of wholecuts (Tramezzas, Bontoni, C&J etc) and many have been 'blobby', fairly shapeless compared to other shoes. Even the G&G Sinatra can be a bit meh but the Cooper on the Deco last is much nicer. The wholecuts by Antonio Meccariello are really nice - great sleek shape; the seamless boot is one of my best fitting shoes.
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