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I was at Libertine last week and had a good time. Rigatoni is recommended.
I'm thinking of Bologna in September (in between Rome and Milan).
I'm surprised that they banned him for so long. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but you can never tell what FIFA is going to do.
I hate Liverpool and thus by default, Suarez. But I still can't believe he did that, again.
I'm in for #1. What did I put myself down for before?
Is that a Celadon? I received mine recently but have to send it to Beijing for repairs as it's running fast by an hour a day.
Nice work. I think mine is #1.
I have a couple of SAB Gladstones from the 1980s that are really nice but I don't get to use much at all.
Not really what I'd call a Gladstone bag.
Why is still here?
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