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Well, that's the majority of my suits really. I have a few flannels and tweeds, etc and that's it. Currently getting one of Kolecho's rangoons made up.
520 is good I don't recall the numbers, I have three shades of grey, a navy WP, a tobacco, a couple more blues I think.
Cheers, picked up a couple of pairs. My first blue suede shoes
I have about 6 or 7 fresco suits, almost all with patch pockets just because I like them that way rather than for any potential blazer suit use - I've never worn the jacket separately. I like the fabric because of its roughness/ texture/ surface interest and also because I think it keeps me cooler in HK weather (like today, I'm wearing a medium light grey fresco suit).They're also great to take travelling.
Not a fan
Although I have no real life experience with the tailors on your short list, I think that WW Chan is your best bet if you are prepared to spend 15K HKD. But as others have said, there's no real substitute for just popping in and seeing their work for yourself - we have different perceptions of what a certain 'style'/cut is, and to see if you get on with them. You only have a few on your shortlist it seems.
I do it. Sometimes, I spend at least 23 hours a day not eating.
Well done to Fok, you actually read through all that
Do the Aston martin sneakers fit TTS?
Yes, someone recommended RESH.
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