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Nice. I keep wanting to pm to buy but then notice the sleeve lengths
My only experience with Rain is that it fits true, UK9 wholecuts are fine for me whereas TG73 is a bit narrow/ tight and I have to size up half a size for a bit more comfort especially boots although I have a pair of Oakhams in 9 that I can just about squeeze into but are more snug than I usually like.
I really don't get this about 11 suits. My current tailor got my jacket fit sorted from the start, and with small adjustments had it fixed to the extent that I had nothing to suggest by the third suit at the latest. With regards to Slewfoot, I thought the proportions of the grey 4 button jacket seemed off; the square made by the buttons seemed too small - I'd probably have gone to two button (like I often do). I like SC's grey flannel suit because I like grey flannel but...
I think it's a great machine, just some say that it's not performing to it's full abilities, gaming wise.
From my limited experience with Gucci and Prada shoes, they seem to fit true to size even if the shapes can seem a bit elongated, so extrapolate from there.
Some of their stuff, particularly the older and higher priced stuff is okay
I guess you're not a gamer, so no issues with 'throttling'?
Tidied up listing. One Vass left to sell at the moment.
Aren't these actually more than retail? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-ULTIMATE-PRADA-SHOES-ALLIGATOR-CROCODILE-SKIN-UK-12-/291320251870?_trksid=p2054897.l4275
Big price cut
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