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Given the state of things, I think it's been taken out of Drew's hands. I can't see any other end than the whole thing coming down. Even if Drew wanted to/ had the capability to keep churning out jackets, current and future circumstances are unikely to allow that to happen.
Ah, browsing this thread reminded me that I forgot to go to Il Vecchio Draperie (however it's spelt) whilst I was in Italy recently I'm one of those who thinks the Pirozzi DB fits a bit too loose, the jacket gives an overcoat vibe.
Yes, both very nice. And I'm taking a huge loss on the NWT Mackintosh, it's the perpetual rain season here and I may just use it to walk to the car and back if it wasn't 32C everyday.
We are talking about Libertine, the restaurant where Drew was one of several partners, right?
I'm not sure I understand. How does it make them responsible for what Drew did with TOJ?
More cuts
Not Nespresso per se, but I bought a few Nespresso compatible pods in Italy eg San Eustachio in Rome and Terzi in Bologna.
B*gger, I'm away early November
price cut
Price cut
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