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I have 9 ties from SartodiNapoli. The construction quality is good; you choose your fabric, width/ length and number of folds. I had Chinese characters on mine done by hand. Prices are very reasonable.
The seamless wholecut croc boots are amazing, particularly in suede.
How have we started from WW Chan to a seemingly bargain basement option where you would want to dispense with a middleman who is there is guide you, at a cost admittedly but knows more about tailoring than you do?
Not just his colleague, but his boss
Good luck finding a full canvas tux for much less than 8k in Hong Kong.
I hear that Ng sifu does occasionally go to offices to measure etc, but it's not standard service. If you want premium service like that, then you should be looking to pay more.
No, it's an interesting stylistic choice. I don't like the button tab that has to go through the loop though, it gets fiddly.
Nice. Big waistband.
FYI I wore Slewfoot brown fresco suit today. 30 Celsius, high humidity - not too bad.
Vox bought your jacket?
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