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818 sounds like a decent price for croc, any pictures of croc carminas please?So all exotics are 'MTO'?
I guess that I'm lucky that I can wear brown suits to work (dark brown herringbone, medium brown herringbone tweed and an in your face RLPL brown POW tweed with orange and purple hints) But then I don't see clients. Oh and I voted brown. I think I'm signed up for someones brown fresco?
Yup, I'm going to get silk ribbon laces for them. Any recommendations please?
Sorry to be dense but am I reading the price list right? A croc shoe is 818USD (ex vat)?
I thought this was a pretty good episode. I thought the first half of the season was a bit mixed in quality and generally a bit slow.
Cheers, I was originally going to go for a Stingray G&G wholecut but they're out of black Stingray and can't guarantee it for a specific date.
A quick and nasty photo, just for you.I was a bit concerned that the Rain last would be a bit too blobby, but it's great.
Today I received a pair of black Alligator wholecuts (Carmina Rain last) from a fellow SF'er (thanks). They look great, and they'll be my wedding/ black tie shoe, rather than my patent oxfords or calf pumps.
Sure, what's your suggestion please? My other option was a 1/2/3 eyelet shoe with seamless back, similar to the G&G Deco Wilde, in an interesting skin.
Great looking suit. I just had my TF tuxedo altered by LeeBaron - it didn't really fit me well particularly in the shoulders and upper back. Now it looks much better, and I've temporarily abandoned the idea of getting it made bespoke. At least, not the same peak lapel-single button, single breasted, three piece design. I may go for a shawl DB though.
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