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Remind me what they are about again please.
What about your tubo alligator belts?
Also, looking forward to trying out BnTailor.
+1 very nice. A bit more oomph in the lapels would take it next level, but it's already in the top 1%. Better fits than me and my post-fatherhood potbelly.
I tend to do my fancy eating when I travel, but these are good for Chinese food. If you don't order expensive items, they're not that pricey really. T'ang court @ Langham hotel Yan Toh Heen @ Intercontinental Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons for nonChinese, try YardBird in central Mott 32 is modern Chinese I guess There's also a decent number of steamboat/ hotpot places around Otto e Mezzo is meh Yung kee is on its way down. 22 Ship doesn't take reservations, I believe....
What do you like? Both of those are not Chinese.
Last two are ok, never tried the first.
Price cut
Added JL William, EG Shannon and EG Shelton
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