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Interesting. I have about three pairs and am quite happy with them.
This is too small for me. I've had to admit that and so am letting it go even though I really like it. Great look and cut. The leather is supposedly black but it's very dark grey. Fits slim. Exact measurements are a bit difficult due to the construction of the jacket which is quite interesting, the shoulders do not have a seam at the traditional place, but rather at the upper bicep area at the first horizontal stripe. The pit is also difficult as the inner arm panel does...
LV on hold. Edit: sold
+1, what group buy
Clearing out. Price includes registered shipping worldwide. [1] Swaine Adeney Havana tan 3 gusset briefcase like the Westminster. Square lock, no keys. A few scratches here and there, and a tiny tear on the inside left where the flap meets the side. Made in UK.17x13x8". These are only MTO now I think. Asking 1000usd.-->950usd [2] Louis Vuitton brown epi leather 16x12x2.5. Zip compartment inside and an organizer with pen slots etc. Made in France. Very good...
Damn, I like them all.
Nice. I only have on TOJ and that's a BCDR. edit: I see that the post I was replying to was deleted, so it doesn't make sense.
More an interest check, I'd like to keep one pair. These have been sitting unworn in their boxes for a while. Both fit my US10D feet fine. Price includes worldwide shipping by registered airmail. [1] Brunello Cuccinelli suede brogue derbies with rubber sole (felt tip marking on right sole). Brown/ khaki that BC calls 'Stone'. Sized 43 euro. 350usd shipped.-->325usd [2] Valextra by Stefano Bemer tan brown ankle boot with frog mouth opening. Leather sole. 400usd...
I like the Visvim A2
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