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But not Gennaro Paone?
Sorry, are these measurements 'measured' or as 'labelled' please? If the latter, can I get measurements on the 34 jeans please?
Most of them will probably send it someone they know/ use, if you can specifiy what you want exactly. I had Lee Baron/ Peter Lee do some nice nice buttonholes on a Borrelli jacket for me once.
Really? They've been okay for me. I should have been in for a fitting a few weeks ago but I've been too busy. But it is Christmas/ NY/ CNY time, so a busy time.
Can I buy someone a 'I'll ship tomorrow' custom title?
When I won the 2012 auction, Edward Green were very restrictive with the MTO options. Luckily back then Leathersoul allowed me to change to St Crispin. Hopefully the options are better now.
Mine have been high by default.
Front looks good, back could be better.
Super duper cheap.
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