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Nice, particularly with the ribbon laces. If G&G had been able to source black stingray in time, I'd have gotten them for my wedding shoe. In the end, I was more than happy with my Carmina Alligator wholecuts.
This is one of my favourite watches. Unfortunately one of the lugs broke and I got a 'replacement' case - I guess because the case isn't a true replacement, the chrono buttons don't work now. Not a biggee as I never use the function, but it's nice to have everything shipshape.
I suggest that we do a SF version of this next rather than the moto racer
^ It can look good. I thought my Boglioli (grey plaid with velvet collar) was cool, just too cool to find an occasion to wear it to.
I was thinking more of Arthur Daley
Is it plain or patterned?
Like a covert coat? I had a Boglioli with velvet collars for a while, but sold it because I never found an occasion to wear it.
Sorry, not a fan of the cut - particularly the lapels.
If you're not in a hurry, I'd get a bespoke shirt made. I got mine from Lee Baron and I could specified higher collars, fewer buttons, pique bib/collars/ cuffs and a paisley white on white for the body and sleeves that made it a bit interesting.
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