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I wore mine to my wedding yesterday and gave my wife hers as her present. Lovely watches.
As an aside, I have this charvet ivory white silk pocket square that I was going to put into action after keeping it NWT for about 8 years. In a careless moment, I snipped a little chunk out of the fabric instead of the plastic tag holder Luckily it was near the 'Charvet' mark that I would normally not expose to the world anyway, but still...
Thanks for the info. By sparkle, do you mean sheen or real sparkle?
^ really? My camo Junya moto is really thick and heavy
LOL shirt fest. Bargain!
Vox's Steed is the same minihoundstooth?
I'm gearing up to order mine from Antonio, quite excited. As an aside, perhaps it'd be better to keep the critique of Bestetti out of this thread?
I have these in Navy, and are one of my favourite shoes.
I bought this from C&A who said that he wore it three times, I've never worn it as I'm too fat. He said: Old stock Borrelli with all the handwork details you would expect, such as hand sewing along the seams of the pants. Pants have a full button fly that is really REALLY nice. Very nice thick linen with beautiful texture. Shirt shoulder of the jacket is really stunning. Absolutely excellent condition. No tear, wear, etc whatsoever. Working sleeve button holes except for...
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