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I was thinking more of Arthur Daley
Is it plain or patterned?
Like a covert coat? I had a Boglioli with velvet collars for a while, but sold it because I never found an occasion to wear it.
Sorry, not a fan of the cut - particularly the lapels.
If you're not in a hurry, I'd get a bespoke shirt made. I got mine from Lee Baron and I could specified higher collars, fewer buttons, pique bib/collars/ cuffs and a paisley white on white for the body and sleeves that made it a bit interesting.
Just wanted to say that Gili Lankanfushi was amazing
The camo lining isn't particularly wild. I would prefer a distinctive pattern of some sort for this collaboration.
Cheers, I already have a junya racer
there you are
Double riders are not my thing, but I"m intrigued.
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