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I think I have all the leather jackets I need, and whilst I love this junya, it's just a bit too small for me. So just gauging interest.
I enjoyed meeting the Paones today.
EBay will probably get higher prices depending on the item, though I guess there is more hassle and also fees. Great thing about eBay is the buyer protection, which I could have done with a few times with transactions on B&S
This is jacketing or suiting?
Ooh, that's nice. Quite un-Vass like, if you know what I mean.
He is here already.
Sorry, I don't do fit pics. I'm probably a bit rounder than you, I'd recommend the Stooges in L if you want a fitted look, the other two should be fine if you are looking for layering/ relaxed fit. Stooges will probably look better than the Globa if you are so tall.
I have a length that I may get into a small timer suit.
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