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It's a bit difficult to make judgements on suits from photos, a fit pic would be more useful. Why don't you try the solutions you suggest ie proper hangers and a good pressing, and see?
I got the 'snakes and ladders' square, just in case somebody wants to play during a dinner party I guess I also picked up tons of shaving supplies, including all varieties of Proraso soap, since it completely slipped my mind to get them whilst in Italy.
Is it waterproof?
Yup, great colour and finish
Generally ok apart from the sleeve divots
Ah nice. Pity about the size, if they're too tight for me, I have no chance.
^ AFAIK it's 3800HKD for jacket full canvas, 1200HKD for pants. Lead time of about 2-3 weeks.
I have a strong leaning towards vintage instead of modern fountain pens. You could get a decent Parker 51 in your price range.
It's a great colour, though I'm not a fan of those sleeve heads.
New unused. Great but just too many unused briefcases etc. Asking 125 usd shipped worldwide by registered airmail. 14 7/8 x 10.5"
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