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I banned your second account because you are not allowed to have more than one.
Price cuts. Gotta make room for my new Zam Barrett stuff.
Amateur. Surely it's vicuna for brown polish.
On your feet? Might be quite tight.
I change into my high heels
Nice, I've been using one of these for a couple of months. Not bad, very light and slim. Just about adequate for a big word file and browsing/ media consumption. Keyboard takes getting used to. Worth a try.
No idea, I'm no expert. Just looks a bit off to me. Probably much better than my fits, but that's what armchair critique is all about.
It's sold already
Is it pretty heavy? I'm looking to replace my messenger, but it's one of these lightweight canvas things (Cote & CIel Spree)
It makes a difference. At 5000HKD, you could scrape in some decent quality CMT ie you'd need to factor in fabric costs. 5000HKD including fabric will edge you towards Compromise City.
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