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I think my top: pant ratio this time is pretty equal.
Cheers, looks like I'll have to just get my waistline back in order (which I should anyway). @DWFII good luck with the surgeries.
Boooo. I just sent my (relatively) big order already.
Cheers, any suggestions for someone who may take this on please?
Yup, free international shipping is great.
A Henriksson Hoodie! Pity there are no Heavy linen jeans
Great texture.
Cheers, indeed it does. Thanks. I was happy to buy at 20% off when I found I couldn't stack them. Now, woohoo.
Woohoo. Is the code working yet please? It comes up expired/ reach limit
Consolidating and reclaiming the space. All prices include registered shipping worldwide. I'll be adding jackets as I get the time. [1] Rick Owens 2013 Rover horse leather moto size 40 --900USD-->860usd-->820usd Great look and cut. The leather is supposedly black but it's very dark grey. Fits slim. Exact measurements are a bit difficult due to the construction of the jacket which is quite interesting, the shoulders do not have a seam at the traditional place, but rather...
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