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Difficult to say if it's inappropriate as TLDR
Not only TLDR, but there are no photos!
It seems quite warm IRL
I watched 'Young Frankenstein' one Sunday evening in college halls about 30 years ago. Great movie, we were quoting lines all the time afterwards.
Anyone had it made into a suit?
Not a fan of the lapel/ shoulders
Tussah FTW
See how someone like Ed Morel posts. People don't like to work too hard, you need to make it as easy as possible for the people interested in your stuff. I'd say, put your photos (reasonable size, quality) inline in the post, with details eg colour/pattern/ material and price. That's a start.
This is one issue with Sartordinapoli, if he could organize his fabric choices a bit better, he'd have a lot more orders I suspect. I'm happy so far with the ones that I have - I'm not expert on construction etc but I'm happy to regard them as equals to Vanda/ EG Capelli/ Marinella/ Matuozzo etc.
That first SC photo could be easily miscontrued
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