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Swaine Adeney bag made with chestnut bridle leather and lined with pigskin suede solid brass zip and fittings Made in England 15 3/4 x 12 x 3 1/2" Great condition, just a few marks of usage. One main compartment with pen hoops and slot for cards. External pocket. Got it off B&S used, and I've only used it once myself in the past two years. Price includes registered worldwide shipping. 600-->500usd- big reduction for quick sale,
Does anyone still listen to tapes? I just hooked up an old Sony Pro-Walkman to my stereo and have been playing recordings off the radio of some jazz and blues stuff back when I was in University, ooh 25 years ago.
I just received my first Gustin jeans - tight fit on the waist. In fact, I was struggling to get even the middle fly button done. I blame a big pasta meal. But I've managed to get them on today and the waistband is loosening up. I have the blackxblack, and they're pretty black
Looks good. Congrats
I'll probably just get them stretched out.
You edit what I said but you agree?
I guess unless you have a better idea of the overall quality of the guy, it is a bit pricey for an 'unknown'. My DC Lewis ones were much cheaper (I think )
What about my 'special' title?
520 is my favourite cloth at the moment. Great colour and texture.
I was kidding
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