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Seems that the latest update is probably one of the least unexpected. Not much innovation. And U2. Hopefully the Retina iMac will be more worthwhile. The Samsung Note Edge will probably crash and burn spectacularly but I'm impressed that they took the risk. If I was going to go for a phablet, I'd choose the Note 4 - better screen, changeable battery and the S pen.
Nice. That brings me back to what I was saying before about the shape of most wholecuts including the St C wholecut, they're blobby. But Antonio gives his great shape, that's why he's my choice for making a seamless wholecut.
Heard the same, was reassured that it'd been sorted.
Come on people, don't make me buy this. I'm meant to be clearing stuff out.
Nope, shrunken calf double monk. Someone else is making the wholecut
These are prestige, and quite rare, RRP 1800usd plus. In my opinion, they're one of the nicest monks around, but unfortunately they're a half size too small for me. Lightly used for this reason. Comes with bags and JL trees, no box. Leather is a lovely dark brown. Price includes worldwide registered airmail. 750-->675usd
Fairly underwhelming. As an android user, I was half hoping that there'd be something amazing to make me make the switch. 18k iwatch
Woohoo! My lasts have been made.
Getting back to St Crispins, my RMCH charity shoe auction pair will be arriving @ Leathersoul in 2 weeks.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/360700/ft-rare-alexandre-plokhov-fw2011-kangaroo-leather-jacket-size-48/0_20 I bought this and it's very nice, but it's really too small for me so I've only tried it on indoors. I'd recommend it for a 38/48. I paid a lot for this but would let it go today for 850 usd shipped (registered airmail). Feel free to give me offers/ trades.
New Posts  All Forums: