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Fund my RMCH spending splurge cuts.
Fund my RMCH spending splurge cuts.
Fund my RMCH spending splurge cuts!
This is the archetypal JL balmoral dress boot with 9 eyelets. I bought these many years ago but have worn them maybe half a dozen times max. Size 9EUK which fits my US10D feet fine; 8000 last. Given that I have a few pairs of Meccariello boots, I should let these go. As you know, these are no longer available at JL (I don't know if you can get them 'By Request'). Asking 650usd Includes registered airmail worldwide. 650. Reduced to 600usd, now 575usd
Oops. Was busy getting 'funding' ie trying to sell some stuff. Kudos to the winner.
It's the same one on his instagram/ tumblr/website. He takes better photos than me. https://www.meccarielloshoes.it/spiral-wholecut-aurum-tacticus/ I asked him to make me a JL 2009 but with a chisel toe. He calls it Tacticus and it's much nicer than JL. However it is a little tight and taking a while to break in. AM says that because there's so much stitching, it'll take a while longer.
Only if you don't make me post my pics
Wore my spiral wholecuts today for 2.5 hours. Slowly breaking them in.
I'm on my phone, that's the best I can do. I'll try again when someone beats my bid.
Er, maybe moss cashmere tweed, cinnamon matka and a garza of some sort.
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