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I have a Byblos jacket. It's fine. I personally wouldn't spend too much money on current Byblos stuff.
Is that Foo sequence chronological? I like the first and the tuxedo, the rest not so much.
It should be fine, those are the original vibram soles that you get with SL.
That first one is quite psychedelic.
Go for it!
Interesting. However I'd probably take 3 suits with Gennaro Paone with 'basic fabrics'.
^ depends on your body stature. I've managed it with ~6", 85kg
Saw the 5K imac in the shop, pretty nice.
Visited medium rare here in HK, nice store. Picked up an incarnation. Probably my nicest leather jacket now.
Try to stick to one in one out (or rather here three in one out). Price includes worldwide shipping registered airmail. Today's offer get [2] and [3] for 225usd together, shipped. [1] Vass Oxford with brown leather and suede combo. U last 44 that in this case fits like a US10.5D, I'm a fairly standard 10USD and I can put in a decent thickness insole for this one. I bought this a long long time ago from Gabor, at a hefty price. I've worn them less than 5 times. I'd keep...
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