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^ Interesting SAB suitcase but I can't imagine using luggage without wheels again. I tried that once recently with some nice vintage Hartmanns in leather and tweed but if you have to carry them for any significant distance, it's a killer.
Proportions of the middle one seem a bit off to me.
I've been snowboarding in Furano with heat-tech (then a cashmere zip up and a Cappel jacket) and it's been fine.
Out of interest, anyone like those DB jackets from Brunello Cuccinelli where the buttons seem awfully close together?
Last one, super cheap to go!
Pretty rock bottom cuts
Interesting. The RO globa that I just sold has that zippered back pocket too, it doesn't have any sleeve studs for making it into a strap though. Idea is cool but still far from practical I'd say.
Look good.
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