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I wore GATs
Sorry to hear that. That's terrible.
Enjoyed or avoided, I'm not sure I get what you mean
Had a great trip to Italy. Not everything was about food, but it was a great way to meet and chat. Rome - a bit disappointing foodwise in the sense that the old favourite Trattoria Perilli is now stuffed full of tourists. A bit ironic, but you don't really want to hear American accents on pretty much every other table. Carbonara is still great but secondi were a bit meh. Flavio (also in Testaccio) was a bit underwhelming and again, full of tourists. Day time casual/...
There isn't really that much room for bargaining really.
Looks good, but don't be too optimistic price wise
Too big for a uk9. Probably 10.5-11 or so
There's a Saphir Reptan cream but the people at Corthay HK say that Saphir creams are okay. Let me know if they fit a UK9 But seriously somebody elses bespoke shoes (expensive though they may have been) do not fetch as much as you think.
Yup, two please!
I'm in for whatever dieworkwear is making
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