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Goodness, just realised that I haven't worn black tie for 2 years now.
I didn't start 'collecting' until a few years ago I blame mostly two people on the forum for always having nice fabric for sale.
You should see my 'collection' of ULs
Back to Wingtip. The problem was not with AS but with Wingtip, there was a problem with a purchase, and there was absolutely no response to multiple communications.
If only this burnt orange colour was real.
Good riddance. They were really bad. And have put me off Alfred Sargeant shoes, a bit irrational but Wingtip's service was poor to say the least.
Missing a front view but looks much better.
No, not yet.
Very nice. I'm in Sicily in July. Very tempted to give Signor Arrigo a try.
Waiting time for Browns is quite long
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