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I have a grey flannel DB 2x1 from Kilgour that is one of my favourites. I had one made recently in 517 navy fresco.
Nice. The G&G stingray is pretty amazing, the only problem is finding events to wear them to. I was going to get a black pair as my wedding tux shoe but G&G could not source the leather, so I went with alligators. The stingray pair that I bought later are actually more 'wow' then the gator.
I've had a few 5 zips, my main problem was that the collar just seemed to lie too low for my tastes. If it fit like the guy above, I'd have been happy. Maybe it was just the ones that I had, but similar band collars from other makes seem to suit me better.
Cheers, I'll try some of them out in January.
Yup, chiselled Aurum last.
Just the test boots.
Oops, sorry I didn't the poll bit.
Funky. I like most of them. My wallet hopes you don't make them.
#4 for a suit? Wow, that'd be something. What's the scale of the check/ pattern please? The Zegna trofeo is very nice. I may get more.
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