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Cheers, I'll try some of them out in January.
Yup, chiselled Aurum last.
Just the test boots.
Oops, sorry I didn't the poll bit.
Funky. I like most of them. My wallet hopes you don't make them.
#4 for a suit? Wow, that'd be something. What's the scale of the check/ pattern please? The Zegna trofeo is very nice. I may get more.
Nice. Is the buttoning point rolling to the bottom button? Shame that the pants are a bit short, I'm in a bit of a brown (for farmer) phase.
From my other Vass, I'd tend to agree. Nice shoes, nice price.
Whilst I can appreciate the cut of suits like David Reeves, it's not for me. I just don't like the look on me. I prefer softer tailoring or whatever you call it you see in hoodiematt's suits. Having said that I don't like Foo's fits that much most of the time, but this is all subjective. If somebody thinks my fits are like shit, that's their opinion and fair enough.
New Posts  All Forums: