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Certainly looks very nice.
I've travelled with 503 (9-10oz) and it's been fine.
An interesting find.
This is pretty killer.
Bargain! Borrelli shoes for under 200!
I'm not really one for fit pics I think the MDR is one of those pieces that you either like it or you don't. Although, it's not quite the same, I had a Schott Perfecto for a while and really could never ever feel comfortable wearing it. Too Brando, too Wild Ones for me.
I'm happy with my blacked out BCDR.
This exact shoe was my number one choice for my wedding shoe recently, but unfortunately G&G were unable to source black stingray at the time ( I had to 'make do' with alligator wholecuts in the end). Mouthwatering
I bought some of the Saxony from Ed, and it's a nice cloth.
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