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Just buy stuff when you get there? They do have shops in Japan.
Nice stuff
I'm in.
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Okay, a bit behind the times. So I picked up a 27" LED nonthunderbolt Cinema display for cheap - hooked up to one thunderbolt 2 port, the other one has my old 'big' monitor, also 27" with the same resolution. So now with the MBP itself, I have three 2560x1440 monitors. Nice. The old hackintosh is now running windows 10.I'm using it as my 'word' machine - I want consistent formatting, I've had bad experiences when interchanging between Mac and Win versions.
Try pentrace
I banned your second account because you are not allowed to have more than one.
Price cuts. Gotta make room for my new Zam Barrett stuff.
Amateur. Surely it's vicuna for brown polish.
On your feet? Might be quite tight.
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