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I thought it was only natural to be interested in food
Size might help.
Yup, the Tofani cut looks much better on you.
You need to take better photos if you want some useful feedback. However, those pants do look a bit too slim.
@ synthese, where did you go for tsukemen pleaes?
I'm not after anything at the moment, but anything with a bit more collar works better for me, even a BCDR TOJ
The collar shape or rather the lack of a distinct collar doesn't suit me.
I've had 3 or 4 5 zips that I've gone on to sell because they don't really suit me. All of them, Italian vs Romanian, seemed to be well made.
Wow, 3k for a suit and two shirts?
Interesting leather. Pity that the shape/ cut of the 5 zips don't work for me.
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