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^ I think this has been discussed many times before. The general consensus is that there is no particular problem with them being varnished/ polished or not.
They had them in a size 9 certainly because I tried them on and had a hard time convincing myself not to get them.
I was in the Carmina shop in Barcelona. The green cordovan is really nice, pity they only had it in the boot and not the (Oxford) shoes. Also the brown lizard chelsea is the business.
Nice, these look good - I could be in for a couple. The last time I bought a Korean tie (about a decade ago), I was told it was 'Korean silk' which apparently is/was polyester.
Fresco 520 is very nice. I have two suits in that material. I have a suit in a Dugdale navy pow that I like very much too. Can't comment on the details and the quality, but it is comfortable and wears well.
El Xampanyet is shut until 30th January Luckily we had really good food whilst in San Sebastien; Arzak was great, Akelarre a bit disappointing and the 'local' pintxos were amazing. After that the Barcelona pintxos/ tapas scene is a bit 'meh', a local raved about Golfo de Bizkaia but it was a solid average in comparison. Had dinner at Cinc Sentits in Barcelona last night, that is worth recommending. Today we're taking the tour at La Sagrada. Any 'Jamon 101' tips for...
Vacation watch in action in San Sebastian.
Wow, what a bargain!
Galliano looks very sedate.
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