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Agreed. I've had a lot of wholecuts (Tramezzas, Bontoni, C&J etc) and many have been 'blobby', fairly shapeless compared to other shoes. Even the G&G Sinatra can be a bit meh but the Cooper on the Deco last is much nicer. The wholecuts by Antonio Meccariello are really nice - great sleek shape; the seamless boot is one of my best fitting shoes.
Wow, superlux. I don't know how I missed these before today.
Last price cut
Big price cut
That's a new one, adjusting your body to fit your bespoke
I know he made my shoes himself
I've never really taken notice of the times involved with test shoes/ final shoes as I've not been in a hurry, and there's no point in rushing an artisan like Antonio. He's great to work with; he takes pride in correcting/ fixing what he perceives as mistakes even if you don't notice them.
@LearnerfromHK It takes a while to get results. Getting the right fit should be fairly straightforward if you go to decent tailors - and there's plenty of them about, as long as you are not overly hung up on cost to quality ratios. Your preferred look/ style will take a while to develop, and will change, probably several times. Don't expect to nail things quickly. But If you stick to plain-ish fabrics and standard configurations, you'll be fine wearing them to work. I've...
No problem with economy or business, but I don't fly with American airlines.
Not so far, had it for about six years.
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