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I got a bunch of shaving stuff from ET as well as the 'snakes and ladders' pocket square. Great service.
Excuse me, I didn't say that he didn't need a DJ. I simply said not all occasions call for a DJ and sometimes he'll need a suit or subfusc. And I do speak from experience also.
Your ensemble including all its options will be fine. No one will notice whatever variation you pick, seriously.
Oh, I don't doubt there'll be Black tie events but I'm saying that some other events may require something else, so you may have to plan for that In the end subfusc is just a dark suit with a white bow tie and wing collar shirt.
I don't know what it's like in Cambridge, but you'll probably be wearing subfusc or just normal suits to most dinners including High Table, rather than Black Tie.
Nice stuff. The Valextra/ Stefano Bemers are bargains.
Expecting my new shoes anxiously. I see from his instagram that he's preparing an order of 20 alligator wholecuts!
That's some first post
Sandringhams sold
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