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I'm just waiting for the spam to appear.
Okay, I'm now typing this from my newly acquired MPB 2015. It's the absolutely loaded version - i7 2.8G/ 16G RAM/ 1TB SSD/ Radeon graphics. And it's got an SD card reader! It's still under warranty until this May, and I've just paid for Applecare. Everything is opening super quick including the 300mb powerpoints that were the reason I had to do a clean install on my hackintosh. But even so, it's much faster than my hackintosh (3.5G i7/16GB RAM/ SSD/ GTX760). Damn. This...
Oh, excuse me, black fecking jacket then.
When did this become the black suit thread?
Nice. Signor Arrigo is good at 'falso magro' (a joke between my wife and myself).
Okay, will get a 2015 macbook pro whilst waiting for a decent Mac from Apple. As an aside, I finally did a clean install of El Capitan on my hackintosh, and it's certainly much better. But I think I don't have the time to muck around with Unibeast/ Clover/ bootloaders etc. I just want a decently performing machine, that isn't too much to ask, is it?
Look, stop spamming the thread with your fake questions. It's not difficult to see who you are.
Which are the ones designed to be oversized please? I'm buying size 52 already.
No indication that it's fake.
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