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Yes, he said they will stretch. If they keep the toe shape, I'll be happy. I wore them again today, much more comfortable.
They've been better after a day/ afternoon of wear. There's a bit of tightness at the widest part of the boot but it's getting better. They are generally nice and snug otherwise. Great colour and great shape - as I've said before, most wholecuts I've seen/ worn have been disappointingly 'blobby'. The sole is great too, they feel as incredibly solid with excellent traction. I'm already in for another pair. Antonio is great to work with.
Thanks for the suggestions. We plan to hire a car in Emilio Romagna but haven't decided when exactly, probably after Modena.
200 for both
They're a bit tight (particularly when I tried them at the end of the day). A bit better this morning. I've swapped out the laces for the thin waxed flat pair that Antonio included in the box and they look sleeker.
It's impossible to say what's 'best value' as we value different things differently. Having said that Baron Lee does an okay job and is a middling price range that also includes Simpson Sin, Dream Bespoke and others that have generally good feedback. Most of these will produce decent classic cut suits, nothing too 'fashionable'.
I had a few made when I was first trying out bespoke but not anymore.
If you know what you want, and you have a good tailor that you trust, then bespoke is the way to go. I bought my TF tux before I got into tailored stuff, I had to have it tailored (by one of my tailors) before I wore it for my wedding. It's a nice suit, with a great cut but way overpriced - I could have got my tailor to make something similar at a third of the price (or less).
^ You've tried them?
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