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Yes, LV is the shit. Much more so than Hermes. Perhaps a name change?
Nice, jacket looks a wee bit tight at the top though.
That is indeed a very 'auberginey' aubergine pair of shoes.
How vintage is that PP please?
Ah, my jacket. Looks better IRL.Don't know if it's an illusion, but it seems much thinner leather than mine.
A seamless boot would be great and from what I can see, the shape is much better than say, St Crispins Simply which to be honest seems a bit 'blobby'. I'd feel happier about going ahead if I wasn't about 1000USD out from two B&S purchases that have gone a bit belly up.
Is Kudu getting quite popular? BTW is this real kudu?
Aurum, wholecut boot or shoe basically.
Nice, I still can't decide on what to get.
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