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LOL, I think I blew my watch budget for several years to come on my wedding watches
Not usually a Blancpain fan, but that's nice.
^ looks like that weird Brazilian guy who 'turned' himself South Korean.
I bought mine from Gallo in Rome and Milan a couple of years ago. I still have a few. There was a big thing for them on SF in the beginning, but they don't seem to sell on B&S.
Cheers Drew. Glad I got my BCDR; shame I didn't get a second order in. Good luck with the restaurant, I'll try to pop by in July when I'm in Seoul.
I have something similar made up as a DB suit with patch pockets. It's nice enough but I'm not sure when to wear it
I have it, and I like it.
Seriously? I was about to give my first two years to the Salvation Army
Is that a double zip on the broken in Enfield please?
Cheers, D82.
New Posts  All Forums: