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Yup, not bad considering most of these tend to end up looking like monstrosities. A bit pricey though.
I love fresco.
RIP. This one affects my wife more than David Bowie's passing.
You can say it's a bit high compared to bigger firms with discounted shipping, but given the weight of the shoes with trees etc, it's not unreasonable. It's something you factor into the overall cost of getting something with Antonio.
Nice stuff. Pity I'm too fat.
Does anyone have a good source for quick release pins please?
Nice. I have had the croc sandals in my basket several times but never pulled the trigger. I know that I would never wear them, until I get that holiday home in the Maldives.
I remember first listening to Space Oddity on Top of the Pops and wondering what the hell was going on. Damn.
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