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If you are in HK and can speak Cantonese, Janzten will be ok.
@klp2332, Ng sifu is capable of much better, which is why you owe it to him and yourself to let him fix it, particularly since you have written such a detailed post.
Pants are a bit of a disaster to be honest. Jacket is fine, but I'm not a fan of that configuration of high vest and low 2button jacket.
I'm glad that you know what he's saying because I don't.
Bloody bargain. Why are Vass so undervalued?
Don't know what that means
He was just asking if Hui sifu and to the states
Well, make one Please.
Ng sifu offers good value if you like his cut.
I think I/ we get spoilt in HK. The post office is pretty efficient and trustworthy (I guess par for the course, for such a small territory) and shipping costs are relatively low. I have nightmares about people shipping to me from elsewhere, eg I have a parcel from the US that has gone AWOL for 2 months that has just turned up in its home town (OK), parcels disappearing from Spain, exorbitant shipping costs from Canada and the UK.
New Posts  All Forums: