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Why ask in a closed thread?
Morning coat looks a bit shabby to be honest. edit: ok, missed the bit where you say it needs pressing, nevertheless it's still a bit too worn I think. As though it was handed down generations of Etonians who played hard in it.
Margiela size 54 Made in Italy midbrown military type bomber jacket with vintage/ distressed effects. Supersoft lamb. I really wish this was in my size. Asking 600USD.--->500USD if you buy today. Includes worldwide registered airmail.
Bought this off B&S recently, just a bit too small for me. I'd recommend it for a slim 40 or a 38. Lovely piece with interesting details. Passing on the deal, eating shipping/ fees.
Been buying to try for size, and these are the ones that don't fit me. Prices include worldwide shipping by registered airmail. [2] Rick Owens XL Stooges. Made in Italy. Grey Lamb. RU 6764 /LS, colour 'DNA DUST'. Soft supple leather. Asking 675USD. Big price cut to 625usd to move them out. [3] Rick Owens XL High Intarsia in Brown Lamb RU6761/ LG 'DNA Dust'. Asking 675USD.
I wore my black gator wholecuts with my wedding black tie outfit
I'm selling a SAB
^ is the collar on the collab going to be the same?
I'm generally not a Ferrari fan, as I haven't been tempted to drive/one yet but that 360 looks like something I could think about owning.
Certainly looks very nice.
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