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I tend to do my fancy eating when I travel, but these are good for Chinese food. If you don't order expensive items, they're not that pricey really. T'ang court @ Langham hotel Yan Toh Heen @ Intercontinental Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons for nonChinese, try YardBird in central Mott 32 is modern Chinese I guess There's also a decent number of steamboat/ hotpot places around Otto e Mezzo is meh Yung kee is on its way down. 22 Ship doesn't take reservations, I believe....
What do you like? Both of those are not Chinese.
Last two are ok, never tried the first.
Price cut
Added JL William, EG Shannon and EG Shelton
Mine was sized numerically ie 40, instead of the (usual) L or XL. I don't suppose you want to trade for a smaller size? LOL
Certainly is a steal. I'm selling mine (lightly used) for more, and that's because of how much I paid for it. Nice piece, the seamless anterior chest to arm design is quite cool. BTW you need to state a size.
Nice, but isn't the first one from your first visit?
They did a recent offer with Dugdale fabric that reduced prices somewhat I believe, it's probably over now. Someone was saying that there have been some internal staff 're-allocation'.
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