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Sorry, I can't believe I left the name out. It's the Brooklands, I don't think it's been available for a few years now not even MTO. It's plum museum, so it's meant to have the variegation in colour, but it's not that obvious to be honest. I got it in their last batch of MTO courtesy of Nick pre-Bespoke England days.
Big price cut
Okay, making space and consolidating things. All shoes are new. Priced to sell; price includes registered airmail worldwide. Will add more shoes when I have time. [1] Ralph Lauren Purple Label ie Edward Green (I forget the name, Mackay/ Asquith perhaps?) Semibrogue Oxford captoe with medallion in medium brown 9.5/10 D888 Comes with new EG shoe trees generic Polo box. You don't see RLPL EGs shoes on the forum much these days, why's that? Asking 800USD [2] Anthony...
Nice, Garza is probably my favourite tie material.
I don't generally think of it as Italian or British, just whatever takes my fancy - my last few suits were 'kiton' linen (courtesy of Ed), vintage LGB flannel (courtesy of SimonC) and Holland and Sherry (also SimonC). My next one is possibly a Loro Piana silk matka (Ed again). Makes a change from all my Fresco suits.
Is that US or UK sizing?
Didn't you start a similar thread about white tie?
Looks as though someone went a bit loopy with a steamer or some overzealous dry cleaning.
You are welcome to discuss Baotaou, but when you do so abstractly it really doesn't make for interesting reading. With all the back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, we get that there are savings to be had, whilst you have to balance it against the disadvantages. But that's pretty much all we've got from the conversation so far. I'd like the thread to be interesting to read please. I'm interested in working (more) directly with the person making my suit, and have...
New Posts  All Forums: