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A seamless boot would be great and from what I can see, the shape is much better than say, St Crispins Simply which to be honest seems a bit 'blobby'. I'd feel happier about going ahead if I wasn't about 1000USD out from two B&S purchases that have gone a bit belly up.
Is Kudu getting quite popular? BTW is this real kudu?
Aurum, wholecut boot or shoe basically.
Nice, I still can't decide on what to get.
Another one? Nice
I just walked into Lee Baron today to make a waistcoat. Expecting it in a week.
If they listened to Charly, probably very few.
The only thing I'd get would be a TOJ1, but they don't make those anymore anyway, so no point in buying a spot.
Is coloured leather more expensive please eg waxed navy?
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