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I'm surprised that they banned him for so long. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but you can never tell what FIFA is going to do.
I hate Liverpool and thus by default, Suarez. But I still can't believe he did that, again.
I'm in for #1. What did I put myself down for before?
Is that a Celadon? I received mine recently but have to send it to Beijing for repairs as it's running fast by an hour a day.
Nice work. I think mine is #1.
I have a couple of SAB Gladstones from the 1980s that are really nice but I don't get to use much at all.
Not really what I'd call a Gladstone bag.
Why is still here?
I'd be in for a slimfit Enfield or SF moto in navy FQHH
Harassed for his views. Were they so controversial? edit: I can't explain why I chose that efooticon, but it seems to fit.
New Posts  All Forums: