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Crup is gone, the Falkirk is still available
Please don't make socks, particularly not to incite people.
I have the Fresco 520 made up in a suit and I wear it often to work.
Tidying up my for sale lists. Adding them gradually.IPrices include registered airmail worldwide.10% off prices until the weekend, fund my Microsoft Surface Book![1] SOLD [[SPOILER]] [2] Absolutely new in box; lovely shoes but just too many. Price includes worldwide registered airmail shipping. Boxes, bags and Vass trees included.43.5 U last fits my US10D feet well.Cognac and Brown Old English (?) brogue spectator. Lovely shoe with nice seamless back , but too simliar to...
Price cut on the SAB.
last reduction on the Falkirks, super cheap
I have 'debts' to pay off, so in addition to the 10% off the items of mine mentioned in this thread, I'll take another 5% off if you buy/ pay this weekend. Cheers.
I have the wholecut boots in seamless and 'seamed', the latter being test boots. He can make (almost) anything you ask for.
New Posts  All Forums: