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I'm as well fed as you It looks better just as an odd jacket, but if I'm being honest, the cut doesn't do you any favours. If this were RTW, fair enough but if this is bespoke, I'd want a better fit, particularly on the shoulders.
Hmm, I'm not a fan. I can't put my finger on it, perhaps it's wearing the jacket and vest at the same time. I think the jacket works better without the vest, or a different patterned vest. Also the cut...
First cup of Harrods English Breakfast today. The bags are resealable which is a plus over Fortnums. Tea is a bit weak despite using slightly more than the Assams. I shall experiment more.
Sorry, can we get a picture of this cream oatmeal flannel please?
Is the calzone good?
Nice stuff as usual. Too much to choose from.
Just ask some tailors. They'll be able to tell you about price and turnover time.
This is Arrigo or the other bloke? Very nice, but I prefer your 'usual' Arrigo shoulder.PS also wearing Arrigo today.
Big cuts. Need to move them to make room! Reasonable offers entertained.
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