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Nice stuff. That Cardone knit looks better than my Tom Ford.
Sorry, late to party. So this one isn't available this time?
Which are the ones with hand rolled edges? Is everything spoken for?
I bought this cloth from dieworkwear's recent groupbuy and whilst it is very nice, I already had 4m from Slewfoot that I recently had made up. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really need two Tobacco Fresco suits so I'll pass this on. Asking 320usd shipped anywhere in the world. This is already less than what I paid, plus I'll be forking out for outward shipping this time and fees. So whoever buys it, it'll be like they bought it from dieworkwear (if not slightly...
Thinning the herd as they say. Prices include shipping to anywhere in the world by registered airmail. Take all three for 300 shipped. [1] Brunello Cucinelli brown chukkas 140usd [2] DC Lewis navy blue captoe oxfords. Great shoes, good quality construction. Porter model, UK9/US10 140usd [/SPOILER] [3] Certo brown grained leather long U throat. I love the cut of these but am going to get a similar pair from St Crispins. UK9/US10, asking 140usd
Get it cheap, for the rainy season!
Slubby silk looks good. Is it more durable than linen?
Yes, you can though there is a limited choice for the test shoe/ boot. I almost went with a side lacing shoe as I've never had one, but then I went down the boot route.\ BTW Antonio will have other stuff on his hands soon, so he's quoting an extra month added to his usual times.
Please stop spamming.
What's that cr*p? If you know what you want then I suggest MTM/ bespoke. For the price, you could fly over to Hong Kong and get it made at somewhere at the LeeBaron/ Simpson Sin level.
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