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Updated? I haven't worn them yet. I only got them a couple of months ago and since then I've found Meccarriello.
Big push for RMCH auction funds!
Big push for RMCH auction funds!
MTM is what I'm doing. You measure yourself, he makes a modified last, and a test shoe. The test shoe fits great, and whilst I can't comment on construction, it seems a lot nicer than most santoni FAM that I've come across.
Wahay. What happened to 'rubber chicken for charity'?
What a coincidence. I was just watching the thrift shop video on youtube. I was wondering if it was one of these google sees all moments.
That's pretty cool. Half tempted even though I'm moving away from RTW. Cheers to Brianpore and Armoury.
Wore again this morning. Really nice fit, all from measuring my own foot. Damn, may need to do a RTW clearout.
Out in the wild. They're very comfy, my feet feel as though they're wrapped and supported. Damn, I hope I'm not going to get used to this.
And Namor can buy my coat! Just kidding.
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