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I have one Dugdale in navy plaid, it wears warmer than Fresco. It is smoother but not worsted smooth, I've no complaints about wrinkles but it's certainly not as bullet proof as Fresco, I can pack them into a suitcase and the wrinkles come out easily with just hanging.
Enjoy. Certainly those are bigtimer boots
They were shipped to my US address proxy, so I don't actually have them with me.
From the back, the il Sarto sleevehead/ shoulders look terrible.
True. I've been wearing my test boots more than the actual things - although it more because I want to break them in one by one, and the test boot has a thin rubber topy that is pretty for the current crap weather in HK.
No, I think it uses optical tracking in the pen to 'track' the pen movements over/on a surface and the info is sent over to your phone etc by bluetooth. I was vaguely interested in that but it didn't really offer that much over using a Samsung Galaxy note 5
And received already, that's super quick.
No, but I read about the moleskine one today.
Nice. Pity I'm too fat.
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