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Very nice. Super sharp. Not my sort of look, but I like it.
No offence, but some context might help. Most 17 year old HK males are wearing BAPE and throwing bricks at policemen.
There are no EG chelseas on sale.
@Jonng85, that reply is so irrelevant that I almost marked it as spam. I probably will later on. To the OP, what do you want to do with these clothes? Work, dress up, costume? Perhaps you already have a ton of staple suits but I wouldn't put flannel top of list for my first suits. Same goes with the shoes.
Great stuff, as usual!
Continuing the clearout. These are really nice but I need to clear some space out for the new addition to the family. Price includes registered shipping worldwide. [1] Jil Sander brown captoe, 4 eyelet oxford UK/ Euro 9, US10. Very lightly used, great quality leather and construction 450USD shipped-->410usd-->390usd [2] Lobb bespoke 2 eyelet derby ankle boot medium brown wih great patina on toes Pretty much a standard UK9 medium, US10D light use, great...
Another cut
More cuts
I bought that Dell for my wife, it's quite nice. For what she uses it for (web browsing, some powerpoints) it's been fine.
I was looking forward to the MacBook Pro (and also the iMac) announcement, as I'm waiting to retire my hackintosh and go 'legit'. I have a surface book which I'm not using as much as I thought, mainly because it's too heavy, and so am getting a lenovo yoga book, was hoping to complement it with a new mac. I'm probably going to go the Surface studio way unless there is a new iMac announced soon, and then end up going back to Windows after a decade on OS. The new control...
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