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Like you, I never thought I'd be into lazymans/ lazymen but I have a pair of EG Barclays that I really like. Edit: Oops G&G Barclays
There are people who can make really nice buttonholes in HK. I asked Lee Baron to put an extra set of buttonholes the sleeves of a Kiton Jacket, and they (or whoever they sent it to) did a great job.
Had these a couple of years now, but as I also have them in blue, these don't get worn that often. Fit my US10D feet fine. Marked 'S' for 'sale'. Price includes registered airmail worldwide. 400usd shipped-->375usd hipped Very good condition, there is a smudge on the vamp of the left shoe that I didn't notice until after the photo. Just a few tiny scratches at the toes
Have you tried calling Nordstrom then? Is it a current suit? If not, the chances of getting a matching pair of pants are small.
899 seems to be a good price still (particularly when compared to my Junya) but the cheapskate in me still wishes I was in for 699, but then again I was waiting for the moto not the DR.
I thought about it, you know.
I'm a bit annoyed that I'll be out of town for the next HK trunk show.
I've never been to AC, but I'm guessing that like many stores in HK, sometimes the service is a bit inconsistent. I've never considered WW Chan for suits following a visit to their TST shop many years ago when I was made to feel less than welcome. Many have had good experiences with them, but there are plenty of tailors to choose from in HK that I don't have to put up with any nonsense from a particular one.
Vanson x SF 'junya-esque' moto not happening? Lucky I didn't sell my Junya then. Shame.
Maybe someone here will know. I bought some 3 piece shoe trees from a upstairs shop in Sham Shui Po a while back; I've forgotten their details - does anyone know where they are please?
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