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The remarks are not directed at you specifically. There have been a cluster of newly registered and re-registered 'members'.
Don't know about what happened next but back in the day, I almost had it in my hands. I agreed to buy from the then seller, who quickly sold it to someone else - probably SpooPoker.
Nice NSTs. I think my first 'proper' shoes were Dovers.
If you want to properly debate prices, construction quality, value for money, fits/looks etc that's fine. But please leave ad hominen attacks and snide insinuations out of this thread.
Difficult to tell with the moire.
Then put that in box for the price please and not '$1 or best offer'
What's your price?
My wife took a couple with her phone. The upper body/ neck/shoulder fit was impressive considering he took very few measurements.
Cheers but the charcoal is one button I hope.
Too late, I'm now in Cefalu.
New Posts  All Forums: