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Sorry, can we get a picture of this cream oatmeal flannel please?
Is the calzone good?
Nice stuff as usual. Too much to choose from.
Just ask some tailors. They'll be able to tell you about price and turnover time.
This is Arrigo or the other bloke? Very nice, but I prefer your 'usual' Arrigo shoulder.PS also wearing Arrigo today.
Big cuts. Need to move them to make room! Reasonable offers entertained.
I'm in depending on actual prices.
Resurrecting this thread as I'm finally working my way through teas that I bought last year in London. Growing up working class in the UK, I've been drinking tea made from PG Tips tea bags - sometimes Marks and Spencers Gold (particularly when I found that PG tips were not easily available in HK about 15 years ago), sometimes Twinnings everyday and less often Tetley's). I also drink Earl Grey in phases, mostly Twinnings though I get TWG sometimes. Last year, I was in...
Looks as though he's lovingly nuzzling your shoulder.
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