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24 hour sale over
All these toj1/0, in the end I got a nonTOJ varsity instead
Love the quasi Norfolk
Perhaps. I have about seven pairs of Vass, the last pair was bought maybe 2-3 years ago. So I'm a big Vass fan, but I do see Vass languishing in the B&S quite often. Perhaps it's just my misconception. Apologies to the OP, your shoes are extremely nice and IMHO priced well; good luck with the sale.
Nice. It's a shame that the forum seems to have fallen out of love with Vass.
Holy price drops!
Not yet. It's on my list.
Wow, I remember ploughing through this thread a few years ago (I never got the boots in the end). It's still going on?
Ah sorry, it's Sun May. I don't have the actual address, you could probably google it. Material is nothing spectular, the pink one felt a bit synthetic when I got it but after a wash has become less so.
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