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FWIW, I think the Note 7 is a better phone than the iPhone 7/+, explosions excepted. But I am intrigued by the dual camera set up, so I may be breaking my iPhone duck soon.
The Dover was one of my first 'nice' shoes.
If the lady's paying, why not try both?
It was mildly amusing. I'm intrigued by the dual camera in the 7 plus, but the rest is meh.
Guardian UK is quoting that stock went down 0.23% from the beginning of the day to the end of the presentation.
Measurements please?
Not a fan of the look/ combo
Why is b*gger all happening with the imacs/ macpros?
I think perhaps it depends on your subspecialty. If you are the lead surgeon doing hepatectomies, you may be less interested in closing than say someone doing an incisional hernia repair, or an abdominoplasty.
I like the contrast on the vest!
New Posts  All Forums: