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This exact shoe was my number one choice for my wedding shoe recently, but unfortunately G&G were unable to source black stingray at the time ( I had to 'make do' with alligator wholecuts in the end). Mouthwatering
I bought some of the Saxony from Ed, and it's a nice cloth.
Hi, you're probably better off posting this in the Classic Menswear subforum. Some questions first, how far off are you from your suits? And I guess we need to see the suits, pleats don't shout old fogey but some things do date suits eg power showers, low buttoning points and whatever they call that bit where the collar and lapel meet (I have temporary brain freeze). If you're only comfortable in the type of stuff you wore before, and if the suit is only for a set of one...
These are nice.
I'm not a DR fan but I could be tempted here - midnight blue and blue lining. Is it possible to have those fit pics with a bit more showing of the collar area, plus pics of the jacket unzipped please? I had a pitiful time trying to make a schott perfecto work for me, it was a bit too Marlon Brando for me. This seems much more contemporary whilst also being classic, to a point.
I think it's partly due to the lack of forum love for black shoes. I had hell of a trouble selling my black Stefano Bemers. These would be great for many occasions.
Welcome back, Prof Fab!
Cheers, I've no idea. I've had three pairs of TFs and the soles have all been different. The first pair bought a long time ago was the priciest and had the best waist etc, the last pair I bought was cheaper and had less details on the sole/ waist. This pair is somewhere in between. I've seen some with open channel soles, though I can't be sure they were genuine.
It is still very hot. Some rather heavy but brief showers/ storms.
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