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Oh, I'm not making excuses for him. I only just got my refund yesterday, which took too long and had to email him a few times about it.
I received a refund from Nick for the unfulfilled parts of my Sale order. From what he told me before, the factory was selling stuff separately from his website leading to a disparity that took a while to sort out. I'm still waiting for a pair of overshoes that he says is on back order, and I'm confident that I'll get them in a couple of weeks.
+1 on not overthinking it. I got married a couple of years ago and wore croc wholecuts instead of patents/ slippers.
Come on, that linen Borrelli is super dirt cheap. If I weren't so fat, I'd buy it at twice the price!!!
Perhaps they meant Kenneth Cole type square toes
I assume that this good friend isn't a member here
Great boots. I have these and they were great for winter in Piedmont
That clinches it. Trump will be the next US President.
Looks good. Who's the tailor please?
It's always been a pleasure dealing with SimonC
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