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Not a fan of either really. The plain one is probably more correct as some would call it, but it's your call really. edit: for the bowtie, you can get one made.
It happens. I've had it happen to me a few times here - refunding payment/ deposits etc and whilst it does leave a bad taste in the mouth but what the hell, there are more important things to worry about.
It'd be nice to able to see the infamous canvassed waistcoat too
Pretty nice.
Very sharp. Is the front of the SB peak jacket actually pointing down or is that an optical illusion? I like the big lapels, plus that roll...
I wore this once, briefly, to a wedding dinner. It's great but I've gained a few pounds plus I'm wearing more fresco. It's a fairly standard 40R. I'll take measurements if there's any interest. Here they are: Jacket dual vent SB 3 roll2/2.5 shoulders 18.25 Chest 41 Sleeve 25 Length 30 Pants flat front - fully let out Inseam 31+0, 1.5" cuffs Waist 35
Stooges measurements Shoulders 18 Chest 22.5 x 2 Back 25.5 Sleeve 28.5
More stuff to clear. This is a really nice suit - I say jacket and free pants because there are a couple of stains on the pants near the right rear pocket, I don't know if it'll come out with stain removers/ laundry. I've been getting fresco suits made up so linen is less useful for me now. K Jackets, for those who are not familiar, is the higher line with better construction. Price includes worldwide shipping. Price cut 375 to 325 Jacket half lined, unpadded, dual...
Name of the trattoria on Via Toledo please? edit: ah, this via Toledo is in Naples. I'm unlikely to be going to Naples soon, at least it will be after my next Italy trip which should be going NorthEast/ North from Rome taking in Bologna, Parma, Turin before flying off from Milan. Talking about pizzas, the Tokyo branch of da Michele is good but the atmosphere is completely different, the pizza is good (though I don't think quite as good as the Naples shop, but that could...
Nice, what was the dinner recommendation in Rome please?
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