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Many thanks. Added Paul Smith x Lobb
That's SartodiNapoli I keep telling you that you need to make it easy for people to understand and to order.
Apologies for thread hijack. I have this Kwanpen single piece alligator belt that was gifted to me many years ago when I was slimmer. I cut off about 7" back then to shorten it (it's a screw on buckle). I've not worn it much, but now my waistline has caught up and I need a longer belt I know there's probably not much that can be done, but just wondering if anyone knows of any way of lengthening a croc/ alligator belt please?
Slip ons look really nice
Quote fail?
Nah, last one looks weird
Back to a late 2010 Macbook Air whilst waiting for a new OSX desktop
Am I too late for the lentil and chickpea joke?
You ordered shoes from Lacoste's UK website and you are accusing them of selling fakes because they were shipped from China?
Bought 2 years ago and not worn, just tried on. Take both for 180usd shipped, registered airmail worldwide [1] Super Heavy Slub, 34 Slim - was 124USD shipped -- currently being funded for 129 ex shipping [2] Cone Custom Slate, 34 Slim - was 100USD shipped
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