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We've been having a bit of a (relatively) cold spell here in HK. I wore H&S Victory flannel today, and did building car building and it was too hot. 18C, I guess 90% humidity is the killer.
Cool. Might be worthwhile giving some measurements.
Funky. I'd give them a try if they were my size. By the way, where did you get these? I've only seen Zintala in Japan.
I'm a fat 40/42 and 3.5 is enough for me (minimum 3.3m in plain fabrics)
Blue one looks odd, not their best look.
The clearout continues. I'll add more items and measurements as I get time.Prices includes worldwide registered airmail. [[SPOILER]]
Finished the Harrods English Breakfast. Not bad, a bit bitter when steeped for too long. Very much like a smoother PG tips. I miss the kick from pure Assam. Next, a big tin of Twinnings English Breakfast, that I got from Selfridges during the same trip.
where were you when I was a 40R LOL
Wigmore and Willoughby sold!
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