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As it happens, I'll probably have to visit Okayama sometime in the next year. I'll be doing work stuff so I guess the lack of 'fun options' isn't so bad, though a bit of a downer.
price cut
Rock bottom. If only my Meccariello's weren't so nice.
I'm still on the fence
I'm still using 10.9.4 on my hackintosh, are there any compelling reasons to upgrade please?
Yes, my DB jackets have this feature. It works quite well.
Just back from a short trip to China. I haven't seen so many gold iphones before.
I haven't tried, but someone I know has. Apparently legit.
I'm more in with the darker swatch. I'm still waiting for the glen paid linen Ben!
I'd say more a good price than instakop. There seems to be a lull in RTW shoe sales, I see a lot languishing at cheaper prices.
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