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Vanson x SF 'junya-esque' moto not happening? Lucky I didn't sell my Junya then. Shame.
Maybe someone here will know. I bought some 3 piece shoe trees from a upstairs shop in Sham Shui Po a while back; I've forgotten their details - does anyone know where they are please?
^ nice info. I've not been to Lee Baron for a year or so, but have had a few suits made by them and they've been fine. Pretty good for the money, but I don't have that wide an experience to comment more.
What's with all the wrinkling in the ankle area?
If the colours work for you, it's fine.
^ that Lattanzi resole is really
I'm thinking of selling one of these; I've had them for several years and just not wearing them enough. Lightly worn especially the Sandringham. I'm a standard US10D and these fit fine. Come with EG trees and boxes, prices include worldwide shipping with registered airmail. [1] Falkirk D82 10/10.5 MTO Dark oak antique with Midnight blue antique. Bought last year and worn 1-2 x. Asking 750usd shipped.-->695 usd, only one reduction for these - I'm probably keeping...
Twice a year isn't so bad Lee Baron should be fine for you; there are a couple of others at the same sort of price bracket, I don't think you'd want to go to a place that is significantly cheaper.
Half an inch isn't much for the sleeves, surely?
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