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I think the button stance is too high as well, but I guess that's a personal preference. The way you pose for pictures seems to exaggerate your shoulder drop. My preference for tweed jackets is that they should be more relaxed and 'farmer', but again that's personal preference.
wing and horns raglan sleeve varsity
Nice. Is that a covert/ contrast/ velvet collar?
24 hour sale over
All these toj1/0, in the end I got a nonTOJ varsity instead
Love the quasi Norfolk
Perhaps. I have about seven pairs of Vass, the last pair was bought maybe 2-3 years ago. So I'm a big Vass fan, but I do see Vass languishing in the B&S quite often. Perhaps it's just my misconception. Apologies to the OP, your shoes are extremely nice and IMHO priced well; good luck with the sale.
Nice. It's a shame that the forum seems to have fallen out of love with Vass.
Holy price drops!
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