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Harassed for his views. Were they so controversial? edit: I can't explain why I chose that efooticon, but it seems to fit.
A waxy navy slim fit Enfield is the next leather on my list, unless I can find a TOJ1 first.
I've been 'guilty' of not following the rules myself when I was younger, but that was more due to the fact that I couldn't afford to buy a proper DJ. I managed to pick up a black short cropped DJ a bit like a Mess jacket for cheap/ on sale in TopMan/ Burtons and wore it with a black waistcoat/wing collar/ black tie and a pair of non-DJ (ie no stripe down the seams) black pants that were high waisted and held up by braces. I think that I thought I looked quite smart then,...
The Commemoration Ball is White Tie.
Seller is reliable.
Going to Oxford or Cambridge is not that special really, you don't have to try and spare our sensibilities. There are several alumni of both universities on the forum. Be proud. I repeat that if you can make that listed outfit fit properly, you will look very smart indeed. No need for anything more.
Camo lining, no sparkle but a bit shiny. Heavy, heaviest leather jacket that I have.
Difficult to say, it's even crappier than my phones camera
I tried, but my phone takes crappy pics
My JunyaXVanson moto is very thick leather but a bit shiny, what would that be please?
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