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The Sicilian Coppola caps are quite wearable, in their newer non-Mafioso guise.
The problem with ebay is sizing, you don't get to try them on. Budget for alterations if you go this route.
Why am I the troll and not you?
Camel looks interesting.
No hate for hats. Except for the tw*ts who wear trucker/baseball caps whilst eating food that requires cutlery.
My trusty hackintosh MacPro is getting a bit long in the tooth. I would replace it with an iMac (which was what I had before but got sick of waiting for substantial updates, which hasn't changed) but am considering the rumoured MacBook Pro. Does anyone run a laptop hooked up as a desktop most of the time (with 2 monitors, HDD array, occasional Wacom, etc)? I use it mostly for 'the Cyber', MS Word and Powerpoint.
HI, in the midst of moving and a stock take just confirmed that I have too many unworn shoes. These are all gorgeous, the shoes have no central seam making them very refined. I love Vass U last and have many more, some are even worn All are NIB with Vass trees and bags, mostly from 4-6 years ago. They fit my US10D feet well. Prices include worldwide registered airmail. From right to left [1] Budapest U last oxford in bordeaux, size marked 44 625USD-->...
Why did you make a new username for this post? edit: never mind, enjoy the ban, both of you
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