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Great texture.
Cheers, indeed it does. Thanks. I was happy to buy at 20% off when I found I couldn't stack them. Now, woohoo.
Woohoo. Is the code working yet please? It comes up expired/ reach limit
Consolidating and reclaiming the space. All prices include registered shipping worldwide. I'll be adding jackets as I get the time. [1] Rick Owens 2013 Rover horse leather moto size 40 --900USD-->860usd-->820usd-->795usd Great look and cut. The leather is supposedly black but it's very dark grey. Fits slim. Exact measurements are a bit difficult due to the construction of the jacket which is quite interesting, the shoulders do not have a seam at the traditional place,...
Thanks Zam
Any pictures of the straps on the backpacks please? I'm wondering if they be carried in other ways please.
Super cheap
Super cheap price for a rare super nice Rick Owens piece!
Super cheap(er)
Last cuts
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