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Lucky for my wallet that these are just a bit too small for me. Good luck with sale, excellent shoes
I have a no-name one like that.
I'd have preferred a brown one too, I call it 'burgundy brown' because that's what someone said it was
Wore my burgundy brown today, very nice.
I have my ties from Patrizio, nice as usual.
I got a shirt made up with a pique bib but the sleeves and body were a white on white paisley that was covered up otherwise. I like it and wore it for my wedding.
These are long gone, he's slow in updating. I fell into the trap myself.
There doesn't seem to be an aftershave balm in the range. I'd try it if they had it. I like Kiehls but for some reason they've stopped selling it in the Far East. I bought a couple of bottles when I was in Chicago; when I run out I'll go back to Truefit and Hill but prefer Kiehls. I used to like Nickel aftershave balm but they stopped selling that too.
I have several pairs of DC Lewis, with double monks and Oxfords in regular rotation. I have no complaints - they look good and are comfy, and seem quite durable so far.
The quality of tm lewin is / has been okay generally. I would probably pay a bit more to ensure that the shirt is exactly what you want; I've been through a dozen or so rtw shirts , before I got one made to my specification here in hk
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