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I'm interested please
Just saw the grooming section. Looks interesting. I've been using Crema Barba (SMN) for about eight years now, with Kiehls post shave balm. What's a good alternative please?
I'm going to Hokkaido in about ten days. Yippee.
I haven't read this for a few years now, what's it like? I saw the back issues on sale @ Exquisite Trimmings website just now.
I like Massimo for the great meal with excellent service despite this newb turning up in T shirt and jeans. And seeing him play football in the alleyway with his staff.
Nice. Too big for me, shame.
And fiordilatte gelato with extra vecchio balsamico
The wait at Da Wo is okay, long queues but it moves quickly. I waited once in the Sushi Dai queue for over an hour and it didn't move at all.
I thought it was only natural to be interested in food
Size might help.
New Posts  All Forums: