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Here you are:
^ somebody made them an offer they couldn't refuse on the gloves. I had a bid that was cancelled.
They look pretty funky. Pity they're sized large.
I'll try, they're put away in a cupboard at the moment.
Pair of basic made in China shearling gloves. Not going to give Madova any sleepless nights but it seems functional. Fits medium (my midpalm circumference is approx 8.5"). Free when you buy anything from my listings.
Just received this. Supposedly styled after the Visvim Elmendorf A2 jacket, it's a simple clean A2 type jacket with 2 big front pockets.. Leather is stiff (see how the arm 'sits' at rest) and supposedly will break in nicely but I have too many jackets to put this into the rotation to give this that much wear, so I'll leave it to someone else. Nice Burgundy colour, not that red - I had hoped it'd be 'redder' for Chinese New Year. Selling at less than cost. It's heavy and...
I have one of these in XXL if anyone's interested.
Lengthwise, yes. It has a different cross section, ie triangular.
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