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Not convinced it's fake. 'Loose' quality control maybe.
Canvas fit jacket pics please
That's pretty sharp.
Interested to see what the canvas fit jacket looks like.
Darn it. I was just about to buy it.
Just in time for summer. I won this back in 2014 during Brianpore's 'Consign for a cause' charity auction donated by Armoury; I'm a sucker for charity auctions hence the 'special title'. It's a really nice example I've not worn it and I've accepted that I'm not going to fit it. Although it's labelled a 42R, it fits more like a 40R. So here it is with pictures from Brian (with permission, thanks). Price includes worldwide registered airmail and I'll make a charity...
Is it an even colour? The photo gives me an impression of mottling which I like.
You are better posting photographs of the fabric/ size label.
If it fits, then fine. If not, it doesn't really matter what the label is.
New Posts  All Forums: