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From FW2011 Person I bought it from says it's a sample made from Kangaroo (not lamb as on the tag) - the leather is very soft and light like Kangaroo. Really nice design details that you'd expect from Plokhov. In excellent condition. Original seller says they wore it 5-10 times, but it's really too small for me so I've only tried it on indoors. I'd recommend it for a 38/48. Price cut 800>725>600usd Front length: 66cm Back length: 65cm Sleeve length: 66cm Pit-to-pit:...
There's a Santoni shop here in HK. I used to be a big fan of Santoni FAMs and have a few LEs, but the current stuff is just a bit too fashion orientated and a bit too flash with extraneous details.
@laufer, in retrospect, yes that's what I should have done.
No, they just ignored me. So I had to sell the boots on B&S.
I won last years charity auction for two of his ties. I received them a few months ago (part of the delay was due to my indecision on fabrics) - they are both very nice, particularly the embroidered Chinese script though one has a nonsaturated back that some state is a sign of inkjetting. Two other ties that I ordered on top of the auction, at the same time, arrived last month - also very nice with 'fully saturated' grenadines.
I have a negative experience with Wingtip. I bought an Alfred Sergeant boot from them that they labelled a 9, and they state that all their English shoes are labelled in English sizes. Turned out to be UK8/us9. A mistake I can understand but they never even acknowledged/replied to my emails on the matter.
Measurements for L Stooges up-->SOLD!
You need an L.
Super nice tweed RLPL sold! Price cuts on others!
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