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Nice. I have the Junya x Trickers lace up boots, and they're great.
I'd be in for the socks and the shaving brush...
Oops US10D
Nope, sorry - no steel toe taps.
PM'd them with no reply. What's the cost on the chelseas please?
I bought these boots and can't decide which one to keep. Decide for me please. Fit true to size if you wear thick socks. Price includes worldwide registered airmail. SOLD
^ I think this has been discussed many times before. The general consensus is that there is no particular problem with them being varnished/ polished or not.
They had them in a size 9 certainly because I tried them on and had a hard time convincing myself not to get them.
I was in the Carmina shop in Barcelona. The green cordovan is really nice, pity they only had it in the boot and not the (Oxford) shoes. Also the brown lizard chelsea is the business.
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