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What's the scam? The 8.5/9.5's were mine. Hmm, the first photo is indeed mine too.
Price cuts!
I have the grey made up, and wore it today.
And it's finally motivated me to fix up my old LP12. I have a really old motor and the internal leads, if anyone wants these for spares for the cost of postage, let me know before I chuck them out. Goodbye stock old stuff, hello Hercules II, Cirkus subchassis and a Ittok tone arm that's been 'souped up' by Audio Origami
My kickstarter Floating record player is not working properly
That's what the waistcoat is for. It'll make all the difference.
2000HKD for a bespoke jacket including fabric? Difficult unless you go for the usual TST lot with the touts. You'd be better off just looking at RTW with alterations. Double breasted waistcoat? What company are you interning in?
You really need to take better pictures.
^ that's quite funny
I have one Dugdale in navy plaid, it wears warmer than Fresco. It is smoother but not worsted smooth, I've no complaints about wrinkles but it's certainly not as bullet proof as Fresco, I can pack them into a suitcase and the wrinkles come out easily with just hanging.
New Posts  All Forums: