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Is there any value in trying to connect Drew with IISE?
Well, I say padding but you can't actually see anything from the outside or inside the boot. He said he would add a layer of something, whatever it was, presumably between the outer and lining leather..
I had that problem with the first test boot. It's partly related to the harder leather he uses for the test shoes and partly (though less so) due to the opening. The final boots have about the same opening but softer leather and a bit of padding at the rim and they're fine to wear.
Ahh, it's funny how I remember looking at the woman in red in the movie but not those in the wonderful black suits in the background.
That's interesting. How did they slim the sleeves?I bought my wife a Varsity jacket (the David Letterman Late Show goodbye jacket) but the medium is humungous even for me. She is happy enough to just wear it around the house when the weather gets cooler but I'm wondering if it can be altered. The sleeves are huge, slimming would involve closing up the arm holes etc.
I only see the woman in red.
This is your third 'A vs B, money no object' post. The brands you talk about have a similar level of quality, there is no real value to any discussion of construction, materials etc - it all comes down to you trying them on with someone who can guide you and deciding what you prefer.
I'm tempted to delete this thread.
For some reason, I didn't bump when I dropped the price LOL
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