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I haven't had much chance to wear my AM shoes recently. I did go back to my first test boot, the one where the top edge was digging into my ankles a lot, but now it's much more comfortable. A really nice pair of boots, never mind being a 'tester'. You really appreciate how well it fits everywhere when you go back to it after wearing RTW.
Looks good
I've no experience with getting stuff made in Italy but if the travelling Italian tailors are anything to go by, you don't get Italian bespoke to save money. Furthermore, if you want it made properly as you say, you shouldn't really set a time limit of a week or so.
Karel de Stoute was very good - Michelin standard. I also went to 't Oud Clooster for their signature brochettes. Today I had roast chicken at Chix rotisserie which was good but very pricey compared to your average rotisserie places/ food trucks. I went to Brugge for a day trip and had a good meal at Bistro den Huzar. It's much more touristy than Gent.
I was in Belgrade last October/ November and it was pretty chilly then. I had a bit of a wander but didn't really look at shops. I had some good meals with the burgersteaks, sausages and filled filo rolls/ cakes. There were also some good Italian places. Your recommendations would be much appreciated.
Cheers. I'll be in Belgrade in June, for business/ education, I guess. I probably wouldn't want to drive 7 hours in a day, on the wrong side of the road to UK/HK. I had looked at Belgrade to Budapest flights but on first glance, there are only two flights a week!
Pity I'm now too fat for this
You should be fine after 15 days. Have you done into the respective subfora, classic menswear vs streetwear? The 'create new classified' button should be near the top of these pages.
I think Ascot Chang are still regarded as one of the best.
Thanks for the information. I was thinking of visiting whilst I'm in Belgrade later this year but then I read this: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294472-i6206-k5575699-Beware_night_train_from_belgrade_to_budapest-Belgrade.html
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