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I'm intrigued, but I already have far too much leather/ shearling for HK already.
Just what I'm looking for! I'm finding out that tweed isn't that hardwearing for pants
I got something similar from Hillside, I don't recall the mill/ manufacturer
Got two. They feel soft and light but still warm.
No one?
Aubergine Oxford or lazyman.
Only the Vass remaining! Take 10% if you buy before the weekend (then I'm off to Belgium)
I did have a metallic blue car with metallic grey wheels which looked nice.
Yes, I was thinking of 'Jeeves' too.
Sure, though I'm not sure they will offer this service as it does quite a bit of time to do it properly. And thus it won't be cheap. There are some 'premium' dry cleaners that should be okay too, but without knowing your locality it's difficult to know what's available close to you.
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