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I'd choose the same. Nice
^ I have this vague recollection in seeing their ads all the time in the local English newspaper. Always seemed like a place to avoid in my book.
From the website, there are one or two that seem okay but otherwise they look like the sort of shoes that should probably retail at 400usd or less.
I do the wire online. There's a few more things to fill in but it takes less than five minutes.
At some point, you have to decide if you trust Antonio enough to risk it. I've already paid for my next shoes by wire, and look forward to receiving them. For whatever reason it all goes belly up, I'd accept that I took the risk. Even with paypal, when you deal with unscrupulous types who mess you around for months on end, you can still end up being burnt.
Is there stuff that you have for me ~B~?
Thanks for trying
It seems to be painless so far, there are some useful tools to semi automate installation. I followed the instruments for a particular build, buying pretty much the exact equipment. I'm currently still at 10.9.4 having done a couple of manual updates, each time having to just reinstall the audio drivers. It's been fun - I regard it as a slight diversion between iMacs, I'll probably get a 'proper' Mac again with the next iteration of the retina iMac. You don't get Time...
I have two cotton bespoke suits, and I like them a lot. One grey and one navy, both double breasted. Having said that the grey is some Zegna cotton that Ed sold me and it's quite lux.
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