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Wait, what? resurrected?
What's the ballpark price on this please?
Looks good and nice price, if I hadn't just bought a Junya x Vanson moto, I'd be tempted.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm probably favouring the green, as I have quite a few blue shoes.
+1 Unless you are very sure and confident of your own style (and you don't sound it), then stick with black tie.
So I have a choice of dark green, dark red or dark blue shrunken calf. Hmmm.
Thanks for the recommendation. Too many places to try, too little time I'm afraid - I may be nipping back later this year though.
Perhaps it's the camera angle, but they don't look great from the back.
Difficult to say for certain but they're probably genuine studio line loafers from a while back, in a non-original SF box.
My Junya x Vanson moto has side adjusters that look pretty good
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