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I wore my black gator wholecuts with my wedding black tie outfit
I'm selling a SAB
^ is the collar on the collab going to be the same?
I'm generally not a Ferrari fan, as I haven't been tempted to drive/one yet but that 360 looks like something I could think about owning.
Certainly looks very nice.
I've travelled with 503 (9-10oz) and it's been fine.
An interesting find.
This is pretty killer.
Bargain! Borrelli shoes for under 200!
I'm not really one for fit pics I think the MDR is one of those pieces that you either like it or you don't. Although, it's not quite the same, I had a Schott Perfecto for a while and really could never ever feel comfortable wearing it. Too Brando, too Wild Ones for me.
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