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^ The simple answer seems to be to buy your tux. Over the years, the price difference between the Samuelson and the Castangia that you love is going to be a minor consideration.
Quick question: is there something fundamentally different between jacketing and suiting please?
Cheers, thanks for the suggestion - looks good but will be going to Gili
The straps on the Junya look fine in person.
Cheaper line I guess? about 60-70 000 Yen. They called it Napolitano by Meccariello.
They say that they don't sell to individuals?
Tried on his rtw line in isetan Tokyo. 9 fits me fine
A bit irrelevant but I also found some NOS Junya Watanabe x Trickers boots. edit: http://www.mrporter.com/intl/Shop/Shoes/Boots/Lace-up_Boots?soldOutId=312273 These if anyone's interested
^they're not a Tax Free shopping shop, I asked.
LOL, just visiting. I'm on sabbatical, I go back to HK on Saturday.
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