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My HK tailor has my fit pretty much dialled in, so that I've not had to have additional fittings for my last couple of suits with him. I guess that's not bespoke?
I have it in the Midnight Merlot (I think it's called). The coloured laces broke and I've been trying in all branches of JL that I wander into during my travels but noone has the replacements, so I've got a burgundy pair bought from a non JL shop
Made from electric goats?
Yesterday night I saw a crowd outside the IFC (a big mall here) 10 minutes away from the Apple store. I managed to get a glimpse, and it was for people selling their newly gotten iphones to a few guys, who'd amazed a pile of hundred or so. Local news here in HK indicates rapid dropping in iphone prices, dunno why though.
Sent these in for a bootstrap repair. The repair was done excellently, and they'd also given the shoe some antiquing. Very nice. edit: found that they'd thrown in quite a few freebies, including new shoe bags and vibram soles/ heel pieces
Dropping a size and a half seems drastic, but I haven't seen your feet and I've never measured anyone up for shoes before
Typo? They're refurbished also
Two Oakhams.
Prices in HK (for people selling iphones to dealer) are dropping, and they've temporarily halted taking in 6+'s. I don't know why (or even if it's true, just tabloid stuff)
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