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I was at a PhD ceremony the other day in Amsterdam and the candidates were in white tie, tails and all. Made for quite the event.
Interesting idea, kickstarter for Sicilian tailoring. However you miss the opportunity of visiting Sicilia
It depends on your intended demographic - Krone, Pelikan, Waterman etc? To me, the logo isn't that important. I'd much rather see how the pen performs and looks - and as I said before, a generic nib makes it look like a Chinese pen - some of these look quite nice, but are let down by the generic nib. If you are truly going 'lux' then you need your own nib design.
Difficult to tell with your poses, jacket seems a bit short. Shortening the sleeves may reduce the contrast. Colour is a bit light for an interview but it depends on the industry/ sector. A bit fashion forward but not bad, and 99% of people will find it acceptable.
I prefer the simplest one, the third. The flare one I like the least. If the pens are meant to be luxury, then the generic nibs don't help to project this image. They look like pens from China.
LOL, this interest is really exploding. Hopefully I get to visit Signor Arrigo next month before it really becomes a phenomenon.
LOL, why are 'my' models more expensive?
To be honest, I wouldn't put a big premium just because of the croc bits.
Very good!
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