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Thanks very much for the suggestions. I had stoverij last night at Klokhuys and enjoyed it. I'm having lunch today at Karel de Stoute. I'll try to try your suggestions in the few remaining days; Oud Clooster is already on the list. Coffee is generally good in Gent. Or Coffee is very good and has some award winning baristas there. But I'll give Vooruit a try. I I've done quite a bit of walking around during the weekends, the place is very scenic.
Thanks for the suggestion. I had three portions of ribs at Gekroonde Hoogden and ending up being full for two days. I'm not that fond of the deep fried frituur stuff including the Bicky burgers, fries are good though.
I'm not offering. I'm asking you to please put prices in your classifieds.
Please put some prices in your classifieds.
Gennaro Paone is happy making one button suit jackets.
Anyway I'm in Gent. Yesterday I had the famed Belgian fries at 't Blauw Kotje. Tonight, it's all you can eat ribs at De Gekroonde Hoogden. Hitting the gym for 4 h ours before then LOL
Is this Hillside/ Molloy and Son stuff okay for pants/ suiting? I'm a bit wary of tweed suits now as a Moon tweed pants wore out in the crotch fairly quickly. Luckily I had plenty of cloth left over.
Vass has got to be one of the more underrated/ underpriced shoe brands on here.
Nice, if only I found this earlier, I'd be wearing it 'back' to Belgium tongith.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/477415/stephan-schneider-armenian-wool-jacket-size-6-last-price-cut/0_20 Looking for something in size 5. Hey, I'm off to Belgium tonight. Maybe I should wear it ...
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