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Lee Baron is an adequate choice in terms of workmanship, depending on your exact requirements. If it's just a well fitting coat, it should be fine, but if you're looking for canvas, handwork etc at that price then I don't think you'll be happy.
Is there a Carmina shop in Barcelona?
He seems to be banned, so probably can't respond to you.
@Isolation, that suit jacket fits better than most of previous cuts. Or maybe it's because you're less slouchy in stance
Although he often goes overboard with his language, I think he does make some decent points sometimes. If he can moderate himself a touch, he's a useful counter to much of sycophantic stuff around; when he's in full flow, it's a bit TLDR.
And if you plan to run outdoors, then being more visible is actually a good thing, no?
My mistake. Oh dear, I may have to bid on that.
@ Meccariello. That's very clever.
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