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I'm not sure if they were made during the Meccariello period, but even if they were, they wouldn't have been made *by* Antonio, just to his instructions.
The last time I wore it, it seemed a couple of shades lighter. But then I'm a bit colour blind.
Nice, the fresco is significantly lighter in natural light?
^ My understanding was that he used to but not anymore, given that he has his own label to take care of. Plus a pair of shoes for me
You should email Leisha to give her your opinion
I had half a thought of wearing my Huntsman to my wedding but even when I was at my thinnest/ fittest, it wasn't right (it was actually the pit to pit that was the killer). So ended up wearing my Tom Ford, which was okay in the end after tailoring by Peter Lee - I'm not actually a good fit for OTR TF it seems. Congrats and all the best for the wedding. If you're hitting Pure, then you won't need the manboob surgery
Ah, I'm showing my age. 1968 is my birth year You get to wear morning dress in HK?
Nice Huntsman DJ. I got one off ebay and it was very nice but just a bit too small for me. @Penfold regarding worsted flannel, 'unfortunately' I like the textural interest of woollen flannels.
I get that's generally the case But yet a BBGF I have had for ages is pretty bulletproof. I'm selling it because it's too small for me now, but the flannel has outlasted the lining!
So who do you recommend for a hard wearing grey flannel please?
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