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I do it. Sometimes, I spend at least 23 hours a day not eating.
Well done to Fok, you actually read through all that
Do the Aston martin sneakers fit TTS?
Yes, someone recommended RESH.
Top opening, I'm not great with the technical terms I don't know if it was just me, but that's what it seemed like at times.
They're a bit slow to be honest, I've sent boots (strap repair) and a pair of shoes for new insoles that took many months. They do a great job otherwise. Perhaps I should send them back, but the shoes have been 'abused' for a while and I'm thinking that I should use them as 'bad weather' shoes after a resole. Oh, and they weren't that much back then.
Nice, the sad thing is that it probably fits me now, but I should really slim back down. regards, Tor
The 2009 is a nice shoe. I've found that the opening (whatever it's called) is a bit wide and you see the top of the front of the shoe, with your socks sometimes peeking between pants and shoe at the front, which i don't particularly like.
Each to their own
Sorry, it's called Tacticus. Go to his instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/_eDl8yRA2m/?taken-by=a.meccariello
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