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Twice a year isn't so bad Lee Baron should be fine for you; there are a couple of others at the same sort of price bracket, I don't think you'd want to go to a place that is significantly cheaper.
Half an inch isn't much for the sleeves, surely?
I didn't wear socks for my measurements and it turned out fine.
I'm very interested, but like the OP it'd be a big on me.
4 1/8 x 11 5/8"
Ultimate layering piece with lots of variations in the way you can wear it. Size 6 or large. Got this used from B&S and it's just a bit too bit for me, I'd say that it's a 42R. Thick wool (3% nylon), that is soft and comfortable - made in Belgium. Colour in first fit pic is more accurate. 400 includes shipping by registered airmail.-->375usd-->350usd -- last price cut before it goes to consignor to sell 325usd. Pit to pit 23 Sleeve 26.25 Length from bottom of collar...
Better without the eyelets.
I've found LBM to fit small. Very small.
Nice, does it have the tight hand rolled edges please?
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