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Looks fine, but it depends on you - eg age etc.
So who is this tailor please, if you don't mind sharing? I saw the jacket in the other thread. It's a bit short but to be honest, not so short that I would get another made. If you want a better 'online' opinion it's better to deck yourself out in your whole kit and take photos in decent light. But you're the boss.
Trimming the herd. Prices include worldwide registered airmail. Take 10% off if you buy both. [1] Alden 2034 Wingtip derbies black shell cordovan. These were a special order from a long time ago but the uppers are still in very good condition. They have been topied soon after the first few wears. They fit my US10D feet fine, better with thicker socks. Asking 350usd.--> 320usd-->300usd Insole 30cm/ outsole 32cm, outsole width 11.5cm [2] Maftei black wingtip...
How about those complaining about others complaining about others complaining about JL boxes?
LA Guy is right, it's a bit small in the chest and midsection.
So is the news that the FBI have found a way to unlock the iPhone good or bad? I'm thinking the latter.
I wore the tester boots again today. I noticed that the leather at the top edge hasn't softened much, rather the leather as a whole has just softened enough so that it is able to bend when the edge hits my ankle rather than being forced into it.
Hmm, tempting.
Woah, megathread.
It took a lot of time, and some Duoderm on the inside, to break it in. Antonio said it could have been the hard leather, the other boots have been fine on the ankle though still snug in the foot.
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