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In for tweed and fresco
Perhaps they're not the seamless wholecut
Hmm, I'm going to stop reading this thread. All sorts of unsavoury behaviour, and not just from Drew.
I had a DB linen suit made, in fact my first HK bespoke. It's a bit slouchy and relaxed and so probably not would be to your taste, but I like it.
I've been wearing a pair of GATs most days for the past year and it's holding up ok. Last pair of sneakers that disintegrated were a pair of Adidas Samba - I remember the whole sole of one foot completely came away whilst I was travelling in Tokyo. I had to get a pair of pricey somehow limited edition New Balances from the only store left open in the evening.
Fabric choices will be similar to Singapore.
Great deal, just a bit too big for me.
My right foot is bigger than my left, otherwise I might have considered tehm.
Two different price ranges really.
Crup is gone, the Falkirk is still available
New Posts  All Forums: