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Wearing my blacked out BCDR today. Starting to get chilly here.
Anyway, I might use a blue tweed herringbone for the suit that I can't afford.
I think you need to be super slim for that sort of low vest to work. I had a couple of low U db waistcoats, but they don't work on me. I go for more traditional designs now.
I would vote for a three piece myself, just personal preference but I'd certainly still be happy with it as a DB configuration.
Good for you. I'm a bit hestitant with the throttling issue, it probably won't affect me but I'm not in need of a new computer just yet. I'm running a Mac Pro hackintosh and two 2K screens.
No. I bought that one ages ago, along with two others. This is an old thread?
Did I say 'zero intention'? And yes, I told the organizer that I wasn't sure.
Not even when I have been invited to meet him by the organiser?
Seriously? I was just going to say hello. Weird reaction
I'm going to see if I can see Gennaro whilst he's in Hong Kong, but I really can't afford him
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