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Darn it. 300!
Maybe it's just me, but the earlier TF shoes seem to be nicer, particularly the sole details, than more recent years.
of his ass? Oh my TF tuxedo covers my arse fine. The peak lapel 3 piece suit jackets don't work that well for me.
Please don't make me bid on these
I really like their DB suits in Base A particularly. I've had a few of the 3 piece SB suits with peak lapels but have never been entirely happen with the way they sit on me - the placement of the gorge and the overall vertical proportions are a bit odd on me - an average 40R. I've gotten rid of mine except for a 3 piece tuxedo (SB peak lapel) which seems to be a better fit for me with a shorter jacket length.
Yup, a hackintosh would be higher maintenance, though I did update to 10.9.1 without any issues apart from reinstalling the sound driver - I'd read that others had updated uneventfully with one proviso about the sound, before I did it myself.Generally still happy, I have a dual monitor system with dual SSDs for true dual boot, and two 2TB HDs (one is a Carbon copy clone of the other, done weekly). Much faster than my old imac, excepting the Maverick bugs. And that Mac Mini...
Wore it today for the first time. Very nice, the fit is pretty good and the workmanship looks to be of a high standard also. The fabric is really soft and smooth. Nice job. I was so impressed that I was considering saving it to wear as my daytime wedding suit, but I know I'd be boiling in this flannel in May in Hong Kong.
Got some goodies from Red Devil, just in time for Xmas.
Finally got my RMCH 2012 suit from Tiberias! A DB three piece in grey flannel - Loro Piana Sunset which is a cashmere silk mix that is really luxe. The delay was my fault, partly due to me getting to an 'ideal' weight with my Insanity/ P90X regime and then not knowing what fabric/ cut to get as I was then a bespoke/ MTO newbie. Now that I've had a few suits made by LeeBaron, I'm in a better position to judge the process. I got my tester suit tacked up by Peter Lee and the...
ONE DAY SALE I've won a couple of the Ronald McDonald Childrens Homes charity auctions this year and have been paying in bits and pieces slowly. Now I am close to clearing my 'debt', I will pay it forward/ back and take a massive cut on this item (big big loss) and let it go for exactly the remaining amount 612 (after fees/ personal) usd. Shipped. Worldwide. I bought this recently from a fellow SF member...
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