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I did have some of the Fishball flannel but the tailor had some problems with cutting it (too small) and I'm stuck.
Yup, I like those.
I have one
This isn't the right place for it, but I can't stop myself reading that Fedora Lounge stuff.
I need a tailor to make me look leaner I don't really go in for the one piece back. It's a novelty and it takes a bit of the fit away.
Given the one piece back, most probably.
I have had no dealings with Baroman, but if I was told that a certain funnily named fabric was made by a more famous name, I'd probably take it with a pinch of salt too.
Well, are we 100% sure that none of Scabal's fabrics are made in China?
Price cuts
Best to ask them surely.
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