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Not much to choose between them really. I like them both.
You seem to have a few alternate identities.
Search function is your friend http://www.styleforum.net/t/33568/the-hong-kong-tailors-thread/3100_100#post_8421382
Local weather permitting, I'll be on a flight to Palermo tomorrow.
The Kiton plaids are very nice, but I think I have enough POW
Nice first suits. Even we locals don't get the fitting service at home, or final suit delivery.
Fly to HK and get one made.
If you are prepared to pay Black Fleece prices, you can probably get them made to your specifications eg samhober.com
I'd have expected Rio to have a bigger chest than that
^ I'm not sure. I don't think the shoes actually belong to Nick, he's offering a webportal of sorts to the factory shop? Anyway, the croc sandals are back on deep sale/ reductions, I could have used these for a beach wedding in Koh Samui a couple of months ago, but not much use for them otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: