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Seller is reliable.
Going to Oxford or Cambridge is not that special really, you don't have to try and spare our sensibilities. There are several alumni of both universities on the forum. Be proud. I repeat that if you can make that listed outfit fit properly, you will look very smart indeed. No need for anything more.
Camo lining, no sparkle but a bit shiny. Heavy, heaviest leather jacket that I have.
Difficult to say, it's even crappier than my phones camera
I tried, but my phone takes crappy pics
My JunyaXVanson moto is very thick leather but a bit shiny, what would that be please?
Please. He's talking about going to a Ball, it's either an Oxford Ball or a Cambridge Ball. Actually, they're usually College Balls anyway.
^ Seriously, no one who goes to Oxford or Cambridge refers to their university as Oxbridge.
Firstly, it's not Oxbridge - it's either Oxford or Cambridge. If you can get properly fitted in the listed outfit, you'll be fine. Bow tie must be white. Save the 'classy' variations once you can do the standard stuff properly. If you don't have the confidence or nous to rock white tie as it is, you'll only look a fool if you try to 'jazz it up'.
BCDR sits with the 'lapels' overlapping, at least for mine (six weeks after receiving) - should be fairly easy to mould to fold down if that's what you want. I'm just going with the flow.
New Posts  All Forums: