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Lazyman in Etrusco?
These are too small for my US10D feet, so they need to go. From FW10, worn very lightly. Very thick rich brown leather in a well constructed shoe. Comes with orange Visvim laces, no box. Price includes worldwide airmail shipping.
NIce. Pity I don't use briefcases very often at all.
Okay, I'm in Turin for two weeks at the beginning of December. I'll need to be in Turin itself for the first week, but then I can travel around for the second week. I was in Emilio Romagna just six months ago and whilst I'd go back to Modena just for Osteria Francescana, they're fully booked up already. Any recommendations please? I've not been in this region west of Milan before.
I'm in London in November. Any recommended places to eat please? The wife wants to go to Dinner though I hate Heston Blumenthal. Any recommendations for curry, Brick Lane?
Size/ measurements and more photos always help.
Vass has to represent the best value on B&S at the moment. A lot of shoe for the prices commanded currently.
Where is this made in? My made in Italy TF polos don't have the TF embroidered along the bottom corner.
Definitively last cut. Leather jacket weather coming back.
Added EG Falkirks. Also the Fund my Surface Book 10% sale this week!
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