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Aren't these actually more than retail? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-ULTIMATE-PRADA-SHOES-ALLIGATOR-CROCODILE-SKIN-UK-12-/291320251870?_trksid=p2054897.l4275
Big price cut
Edited for clarity - the navy 3 piece RLPL and the grey 2 piece tweed remain
Last cut before I just wear them.
New Grey suede (ante gris) with navel tassels Uetam loafer with strings and punched toe medallion Purple lining Size 9UK More an interest check as I really like them but I have too many shoes.--> one and only price cut before I put them away again: 350>325>now 305 shipped Price includes registered shipping worldwide.
Lee Baron is an adequate choice in terms of workmanship, depending on your exact requirements. If it's just a well fitting coat, it should be fine, but if you're looking for canvas, handwork etc at that price then I don't think you'll be happy.
Is there a Carmina shop in Barcelona?
He seems to be banned, so probably can't respond to you.
@Isolation, that suit jacket fits better than most of previous cuts. Or maybe it's because you're less slouchy in stance
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