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I'm not sure, Grand Tailor?
That's Ng Sifu, not Lai Sifu. He does a decent job, more British than Italian.
Holy thread resurrection: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/style/what-went-wrong-for-austin-reed/
Planning a trip to the south this July, for about two weeks. Thinking mostly Sicily, not sure about Naples. One problem is getting there - we usually fly CX HKG to either Milan or Rome, these are the only direct flights from Hong Kong. We can fly Lufthansa to Palermo via Munich or Frankfurt. Assuming we want to keep using Cathay, then we would have to trek from Rome to Palermo. Flights would be most direct/ quickest obviously, but trains would allow a stopover in say Naples.
These are nice jackets. I wore one to a winter trip to Torino and it was nice and warm, just with a thin cashmere half zip and a t shirt.
This hit me harder than Bowie. For Bowie, I learnt that I liked a lot of his music but never bought any of it. But Prince, I had almost all of his albums, even the crappy ones. A friend at school lent me a copy of Purple Rain the movie, and it began from there. I was browsing eBay the other day after hearing about his flu, thinking I should get some of his stuff on vinyl.
Anyway, I deleted the 'contentious' first photo.
I have no particular problem with you using my 'excellent' pictues but it does make you seem a bit suspicious when somebody notices. Generally you do ask permission to use another member's pictures, but usually it's of that same item ie you bought them from the guy who had excellent pictures...
If only it could be let out for a fat 42
2nd gen MBA was much better than the first and I really liked it. First iPad was also a wow for me due to its battery life.
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