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Cheers, actually both the leather tailor and the fishball flannel. @ fishball, I had a length being made up but I'm not sure if the jacket will be what I generally prefer (long story) and I may elect to have the jacket made again elsewhere.
BTW anymore please?
Does anyone know of a good leather tailor HK please? I need alterations on a varsity with leather sleeves.
Big dog
Hopefully it's Tofani, he's the only one that's really impressed so far.
Bistecca looks awfully dry.
Ah, I looked for ages for a navy linen suit but I got mine made in the end, although it was a DB. Nice suit.
Working buttonholes?
what are those RO X Adidas springblade lows like to wear please?
Cheers, so these items are free shipping along with SF discount?
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