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Vass has got to be one of the more underrated/ underpriced shoe brands on here.
Nice, if only I found this earlier, I'd be wearing it 'back' to Belgium tongith.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/477415/stephan-schneider-armenian-wool-jacket-size-6-last-price-cut/0_20 Looking for something in size 5. Hey, I'm off to Belgium tonight. Maybe I should wear it ...
I'm intrigued, but I already have far too much leather/ shearling for HK already.
Just what I'm looking for! I'm finding out that tweed isn't that hardwearing for pants
I got something similar from Hillside, I don't recall the mill/ manufacturer
Got two. They feel soft and light but still warm.
No one?
Aubergine Oxford or lazyman.
Only the Vass remaining! Take 10% if you buy before the weekend (then I'm off to Belgium)
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