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I'm a bit annoyed that I'll be out of town for the next HK trunk show.
I've never been to AC, but I'm guessing that like many stores in HK, sometimes the service is a bit inconsistent. I've never considered WW Chan for suits following a visit to their TST shop many years ago when I was made to feel less than welcome. Many have had good experiences with them, but there are plenty of tailors to choose from in HK that I don't have to put up with any nonsense from a particular one.
Vanson x SF 'junya-esque' moto not happening? Lucky I didn't sell my Junya then. Shame.
Maybe someone here will know. I bought some 3 piece shoe trees from a upstairs shop in Sham Shui Po a while back; I've forgotten their details - does anyone know where they are please?
^ nice info. I've not been to Lee Baron for a year or so, but have had a few suits made by them and they've been fine. Pretty good for the money, but I don't have that wide an experience to comment more.
What's with all the wrinkling in the ankle area?
If the colours work for you, it's fine.
^ that Lattanzi resole is really
I'm thinking of selling one of these; I've had them for several years and just not wearing them enough. Lightly worn especially the Sandringham. I'm a standard US10D and these fit fine. Come with EG trees and boxes, prices include worldwide shipping with registered airmail. [1] Falkirk D82 10/10.5 MTO Dark oak antique with Midnight blue antique. Bought last year and worn 1-2 x. Asking 750usd shipped.-->695 usd, only one reduction for these - I'm probably keeping...
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