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Ah, my June 18th TOJ. Looks good, hopefully mine will arrive soon.
I'm not a huge fan of A1's normally, but this is pretty good
Really nice. PLRL leathers are really luxe.
RRL or Purple Label?
My JL 2009s in Midnight Merlot came with dark burgundy laces. One snapped and I've been pestering the JL shop for replacements with no luck.
I've been thinking of a varsity but this may be an interesting alternative.
Just about paid for my 'wins'. Thanks to SF for organizing this, and also thanks to those who bought my stuff so that I could pay for this
I picked these up, and they're pretty interesting. Wood pegs and all that. Slightly tight but should be fineEdit: no FS thread, so feedback here - thumbs up for Jonas.
Looks great. Unfortunately looks a bit too similar to a Unfunded liability in the form of a (micro)houndstooth
Two NWT Kilgour French Stanbury suits in staple colours for under 300. These were made in Shanghai, and were higher quality - not the old licensed rubbish. Great if you like a British cut. http://www.styleforum.net/t/371360/big-holiday-drops-2-new-kilgour-staple-suits-size-40-42-navy-charcoal-light-gray/0_20
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