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Enjoy. Certainly those are bigtimer boots
They were shipped to my US address proxy, so I don't actually have them with me.
From the back, the il Sarto sleevehead/ shoulders look terrible.
True. I've been wearing my test boots more than the actual things - although it more because I want to break them in one by one, and the test boot has a thin rubber topy that is pretty for the current crap weather in HK.
No, I think it uses optical tracking in the pen to 'track' the pen movements over/on a surface and the info is sent over to your phone etc by bluetooth. I was vaguely interested in that but it didn't really offer that much over using a Samsung Galaxy note 5
And received already, that's super quick.
No, but I read about the moleskine one today.
Nice. Pity I'm too fat.
It was hot even for fresco today. My Rangoon suit isn't ready yet.
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