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I've never tried.
PekingRdHK had some valid points, and from the consumer point of view, if all things being equal, you can deal with the 'maker' and still save money then it's got to be attractive. Of course there are downsides because you are most likely dealing with a technician, not someone who can offer advice on the best way to get the best results for you. But we've had that conversation over and over again without a photo of a piece of work or even an opinion. Tailor shops are...
No, that's not my concern. To survive, in any field, you have to offer value for money and be able distinguish yourself from the competition. This isn't just about absolute costs, but also value added services such as knowledgeable opinions/ advice, offering a proper number of fittings, being amenable to alterations, quality control etc etc. Many of us don't mind paying for that added level of service, as long as the workmanship is the same.
Thanks very much. Added RLPL Narvells (G&G)
I have a few pieces, mostly pants/ jeans that I really like.
I have no problem with Baotou being discussed. I'm sure many are interested, myself included, in working with the actual tailor/cutter and possibly saving money. Sure we all know there are downsides, but there are advantages too - everyone has a different set of priorities/ requirements and working with a tailor versus a baotou is a personal decision. I value my Italian tailors work, but would also be interested to know if I can get reasonable facsimiles made locally. To...
Is Yak sturdy enough for trousers?
Right, I'm ready to swap my hackintosh for a 'proper' computer. Office 365 is annoying me with it's slow startup, and seems to only be a OSX problem, the programs work fine on my low-spec'd Yoga Book. Ideally i'd want a updated iMac or even an updated Mac Mini, but neither one of these doesn't seem to be forthcoming soon. Failing that I'd go for a Surface Studio just because it looks pretty sharp, but it doesn't seem to be coming to HK soon. Then I may be forced to buy a...
Not surprised. Wingtip is cr*p.
Added Anthony Cleverley Churchills and G&G Wigmore.
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