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Go ahead if it makes you happy. I'm wearing a 3 1/4" EG Capelli garza today.
I'm looking for a TOJ1 in 52
I have something like this made into a DB suit, I'm still not sure how to wear it best. It's a heavy fabric so I don't need to think about it until the weather cools.
Interest check I'll put these up tomorrow or soon after. Gauging interest for the following: [1] NIB G&G Wigmore - Vintage Rioja/ Highland Grain TG73 9.5E UK, with trees [2] NIB St Crispins 524 ankle boot in CRU SPE - a very special graduated brown/grey, with trees [3] NIB RLPL/ EG 9.5/10 D888 midbrown brogue oxford captoes - I think it's the MacKay for EG, with trees I'm thinning the herd as it were, in preparation of moving more to MTO/ semibespoke or whatever you...
Whaddaya know? It turns out to be C&G after all.
Lucky for my wallet that these are just a bit too small for me. Good luck with sale, excellent shoes
I have a no-name one like that.
I'd have preferred a brown one too, I call it 'burgundy brown' because that's what someone said it was
Wore my burgundy brown today, very nice.
I have my ties from Patrizio, nice as usual.
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