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Probably not much more than you paid.
Last price cut
I was thinking really of the time involved in the mega-epic thread (which has been silent for a while now).
Then you shouldn't read about Aero's previous problems in FL.
Stitching on my old SAB
Nice, unfortunately I have too much outerwear already.
I've got too much outerwear for this climate, so I'm moving this out. I really like this coat but I also have a newer Etro peacoat that is a bit thinner and thus more suited for HK. This MMM has been well worn, I've had the sleeve lining replaced and the bits of lining around the pockets repaired. The coat is tough as nails and I can't see any holes/ fraying. It could do with a dry clean but should have a lot of wear left in it. Fits like a very slim 50; material is very...
You mean that vertical run of whiter thread? It wouldn't bother me.
I don't anyone will change real lining to make a fake kiton. It's not worth it. Sleeve buttonholes don't look as nice as the ones I've seen before, but you'd be difficult to use that as a differentiator between authentic or otherwise.
^ Interesting. Why did you make a new username for this message? Your other one isn't used much.
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