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Too big for a uk9. Probably 10.5-11 or so
There's a Saphir Reptan cream but the people at Corthay HK say that Saphir creams are okay. Let me know if they fit a UK9 But seriously somebody elses bespoke shoes (expensive though they may have been) do not fetch as much as you think.
Yup, two please!
I'm in for whatever dieworkwear is making
Interesting piece
Nice. How water/ snow proof are these I wonder? I'm tempted to sell my JL boots for these, shearing lining is so luxe
Measurements added
Very funny. Sad thing is that it practically wrote itself, you just needed to repeat what's been said before.
Tailor said they'd refund me, which I'm assuming includes the cloth. I'm waiting to see what happens. I think it'll be okay in the end. Luckily it's summer so I wouldn't get to wear it for ages anyway.
I like my (moderately delayed) BCDR but I would not buy a spot now.
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