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The Samsung note edge is pretty wow to me. It'll probably sink without a trace, but certainly interests me.
FYI , I have a navy blue 52 MMM 5 zip (I'm thinking of selling btw) shoulder 19 sleeve 25.5 chest 45 pit to pit 22.5 front length from bottom of collar band 21
Maybe, but there were times when the products seemed to be a bit more wow. I remember getting the ipod touch and the iPad and thinking they were pretty special
Dark green shrunken calf, 505 classic last
^cheers, a shot of the sole.
What? With the dreaded shrunken calf?
Hey, those are mine!
That''s a mad price. I'd jump at it if I didn't have a pair of Valextra x Stefano Bemers in a similar shade.
Mine have arrived at Leathersoul. Hope they don't have the 'problem'...
Seems that the latest update is probably one of the least unexpected. Not much innovation. And U2. Hopefully the Retina iMac will be more worthwhile. The Samsung Note Edge will probably crash and burn spectacularly but I'm impressed that they took the risk. If I was going to go for a phablet, I'd choose the Note 4 - better screen, changeable battery and the S pen.
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