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Red Cloud denim is pretty good, for those who don't know. I've got about four pairs of the R424, though that's partly because I like the 'monkey king' pocket stitch pattern.
Welcome to the club
^+1, I saw the Fukuya last week and was going to post them here but was on my phone...and then forgot.
I get the impression that Apple is very much catering towards the mainland Chinese market with it's blingy gold phones, watches and MacBooks.
These are still here?!
I know it's a difficult job from moderating on other boards, just offering my spam killing services to help out.
Don't know where to post this, but the spam is really bad these days!
I doubt it.
I googled the name as I don't know much about them, almost all the pages were in Japanese. One English language page was saying that the mens' two fold was Japan only. I've always wondered why the Japanese guys have the long long wallets in their back pockets that stick way out.
I'm surprised that this type of wallet is popular in Japan. Japanese men like to keep their notes crisp in long wallets.
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