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Oh, and I don't like centre vents.
Certainly better though I don't like the cut of the front.
The back is quite messy. Whilst you can shorten the sleeves and the pants for a cleaner look, I'm not sure you can do much with the back.
I'm this close to nuking this thread for spam
Looks good. Can't complain for the price. I've not seen Bally using exotics before, but then I wasn't really looking.
I would prefer a Sartorio by Attolini but maybe that's just me. If there are no signs of it being worn except for the unstitched pockets and vents, I'd be inclined to accept it as 'new'
Looks unworn.
Those are really nice. One of the nicest versions of a cordovan boot with split toe that I've seen
I bought this from Murlsquirl. It's a lovely suit but I'm too fat.I'll say it's more for a full 40/50R whilst I'm currently a fat 42/2R. Worldwide shipping by registered airmail is included. Check the measurements and details, copied with permission, from the original post:: This suit is really special but unfortunately, it doesn't fit me. Functioning jacket cuffs, a higher rise double pleated trouser with side adjusters, unlined and a awesome lightweight fabric. ...
Super cheap!
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