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I'm also in, 491 euro is pre or post discount code? I'm going to ask Antonio which size to get. Regards, Tor
Got my Minimalist heavy DNA pants today. Pleasantly surprised - the cut is much straighter than my other other Zam B pants meaning that it's much easier to get my legs through. Great texture, I don't know how it'll change with wear. As an aside, I wore Minalist wool pants to a long weekend in Shanghai last week, looked great but a few gaps developed in the right side inseam. Luckily they were quite high up and not so obvious. I'll do a repair job later.
Nice, where are the Attolini labels though?
Viberg Service Boot in Dust Black Calf Well known and popular shoe. Comes with box and bags. Worn sparingly, less than 5 times total. Price includes registered airmail worldwide. -2030 Last -Size 9.5 , fits my UK9/ US10D feet ok -10 eyelets -Made using stitch down construction -Re-soleable
Prices include worldwide registered airmail. [1] John Lobb Brookland. This is the archetypal JL balmoral dress boot with 9 eyelets. I bought these many years ago but have worn them maybe half a dozen times max. Size 9EUK which fits my US10D feet fine; 8000 last. Given that I have a few pairs of Meccariello boots, I should let these go. As you know, these are no longer available at JL (I don't know if you can get them 'By Request'). Asking 600usd. [2] Maftei...
Right from the get go, I've been telling him that he needs to sort things out and make it easier for customers to pick, choose and buy his stuff.
Sartorio and La Vera are sold
Surely they would be a disaster at 399 for 3?
That's probably one of his best pics.
I like this fabric.
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