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There doesn't seem to be an aftershave balm in the range. I'd try it if they had it. I like Kiehls but for some reason they've stopped selling it in the Far East. I bought a couple of bottles when I was in Chicago; when I run out I'll go back to Truefit and Hill but prefer Kiehls. I used to like Nickel aftershave balm but they stopped selling that too.
I have several pairs of DC Lewis, with double monks and Oxfords in regular rotation. I have no complaints - they look good and are comfy, and seem quite durable so far.
The quality of tm lewin is / has been okay generally. I would probably pay a bit more to ensure that the shirt is exactly what you want; I've been through a dozen or so rtw shirts , before I got one made to my specification here in hk
The leather on my recent BCDR was not veiny nor grainy. And not thin.
Interesting twist on the austerity brogue. Is Antonio taking paypal nowadays?
I like.
Bugger. I meant top left (I keep getting my right-left mixed up, occupational hazard).
What's the colour combo of the one in the top right please?
^ is that TOJ1 new?
Great looking shoes.
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