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Always take care with transactions on the board. As I've found out to my cost, post counts and join dates mean very little; make sure you are well protected eg through paypal and accept no excuses for delays beyond the period allowed for claims. Looking at trader feedback can be useful but is no guarantee.
I'm travelling in a couple of weeks. I will be based in Gent/ Ghent, staying near the university and will be occupied for about half the time, I guess. Any recommendations for eating, drinking (coffee, not booze), sight seeing and shopping please?
Nice. One of my grails. How many grails is one allowed?
Great stuff. I've been tempted by several pairs in the past.
I don't think double vents are better than centre vents, I just prefer them that way.
Anyone who fits these should snap these up!
You should probably re-read what you wrote
Oh, and I don't like centre vents.
Certainly better though I don't like the cut of the front.
The back is quite messy. Whilst you can shorten the sleeves and the pants for a cleaner look, I'm not sure you can do much with the back.
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