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Just get it re woven
Unfortunately mine is a 50R/40R.
I have the same suit I think. I think it's a great looking suit, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me anymore.
If you are concerned about shrinkage then pre-wash the fabric. Linen can be a bit soft and the crotch area of my pants wore through fairly quickly, so make sure you get your tailor to do the appropriate and also keep some bits of fabric, just in case.
I've been tempted by the Simply seamless due to the technical achievement, but it always seemed a bit 'blobby' to me.
Why ask in a closed thread?
Morning coat looks a bit shabby to be honest. edit: ok, missed the bit where you say it needs pressing, nevertheless it's still a bit too worn I think. As though it was handed down generations of Etonians who played hard in it.
Margiela size 54 Made in Italy midbrown military type bomber jacket with vintage/ distressed effects. Supersoft lamb. I really wish this was in my size. Asking 600USD.--->500USD if you buy today. Includes worldwide registered airmail.
Bought this off B&S recently, just a bit too small for me. I'd recommend it for a slim 40 or a 38. Lovely piece with interesting details. Passing on the deal, eating shipping/ fees.
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