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http://www.styleforum.net/t/129135/vicuna-mens-overcoat-rare/0_20 Questions like this pop up now and again on the forum. As I said from the offset, it's not worth as much as you think even if it's pure vicuna. Don't get confused by new Loro Piana/ Oxxford prices, your piece is not in that league just from construction alone. There's nothing so far that convinces me that it's pure vicuna.
I was referring more to the stitching of the label rather than the logo/ picture.
DIfficult to tell, but the weave doesn't look like typical vicuna and that label is a bit crappy
Nope, but I'm no expert. It's fairly vintage from what you're saying. If you want more opinions, you should post some photos.
Difficult to say on that information alone, but it's a possibility. As you probably know, Vicuna is pricey but somebody else's old coat is never going to fetch as much as you think. Price will depend on the condition and the cut of the garment.
I think that it's usually the norm for the seller to cover the fees but if you are negotiating a discount, then it's down to you and the seller.
Good price too. It's almost identical to my Carmina wedding shoe
Depends on the last. TG73 fits me a bit smaller
Always take care with transactions on the board. As I've found out to my cost, post counts and join dates mean very little; make sure you are well protected eg through paypal and accept no excuses for delays beyond the period allowed for claims. Looking at trader feedback can be useful but is no guarantee.
I'm travelling in a couple of weeks. I will be based in Gent/ Ghent, staying near the university and will be occupied for about half the time, I guess. Any recommendations for eating, drinking (coffee, not booze), sight seeing and shopping please?
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