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It's probably been pressed incorrectly.
The problem is that it's been altered now. They're not going to admit to anything.
Another round of cuts
Price cut.
I used to play a fair amount of video games and was an early adopter from the PS onwards, but now I rarely play. Having gotten rid of my consoles a couple of years ago, recently I bought a gameboy off Ebay just for Tetris. I have a Saturn just for Baku baku animal, a dreamcast just for Mr Driller but they're both too bulky to be left connected for occasional sessions. I bought a GPD XD (generic android) to play Mr Driller under emulation, if only there was decent Saturn...
Not in the UK, but Antonio Meccariello is worth a trip to Italy
Sea Island (quality) cotton is okay in HK, surely?
Got sidetracked by a house move and becoming a father
Another set of reductions. These are super cheap.
Damn, they'll be at Pitti Uomo when I'm in Seoul next summer.
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