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Given that you can't fasten the pants properly, it's a bit difficult to judge them
@impolyt_one Just to check, if we haven't received tracking by now, we are not in this shipping cohort? Sorry for these silly questions, so near yet so far.
Hmm, not me though.
@Isolation. Looks okay from the front, but to be honest, looks pretty nasty from behind.
So I was in Ameyoko today. Saw tons of Buzz Rickson and Schott leather jackets. Some sugar canes and some intriguing heavy Iron Hearts - one so called 'true black', another 25oz. What's worth getting?
Everyone went with the larger scale Connery barleycorn?
@impolyt_one. If by chance my BCDR is ready to ship, can it come to me in Tokyo please where I am for a couple of weeks?
Oops. Haven't been checking this thread. @jrd617, I'm out for the larger scale, still in for smaller scale if it happens. And +1 for the Liverano gun club check
Resurrecting this thread - any hotel recommendations for the Maldives please? Third week in May.
How do we sign up?
New Posts  All Forums: