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I can't believe I was asking about my (second) trip to Italy back in 2010 in this thread! We're planning to go back to Italy this May (first year Anniversary). We're flying into Rome and leaving from Milan where the Gelato Festival and the Expo will be in full flow. We've done Rome x3, Florence x3, Pisa, Venice, Lucca, Siena, Positano, Cinqueterre, Como and Milan x 3. This time we're thinking of concentrating a bit more on the North Eastern bit - Bologna, Parma, Modena -...
@ Sarto, I see the sleeve twisting though it's not that obvious (unless you're looking for it) and it may be partly due to the poster deliberately supinating his forearm for photos. The pants are much baggier than I'd like but it could be his preference, which is fine by me.
Bugger, missed the end.
Can't remember if it was the same last though.
I've no idea, I'm not so familiar with Carmina. I have about 4 pairs of the shoes picked up over the past year or so. I just happened to be in the Barcelona branch whilst on holiday and the two shoes mentioned above caught my eye.
^ Selection isn't complete though, for example, the green cordovan boots and the lizard chelseas aren't there.
Interesting proposition. I'll start at 50usd extra then.
Nice. I have the Junya x Trickers lace up boots, and they're great.
I'd be in for the socks and the shaving brush...
Oops US10D
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