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Nice Bemers. They don't seem to sell well - I had to go under half of that ie less that 1/4 retail.
I sold two of mine here, photos should still be in the thread. I think the buyer had sizing issues and then resold them. I still have two pairs - suede frog mouth boot, and one other that I don't remember
I'd be down for forum fresco/ fresco-like
I really like that Mystique blue POW with windowpande.
The Valextra shoes are well made and looked good. I liked them so much that I bought four pairs when I was in Milan.
Got these from B&S, but just a bit too small for my US10D feet. Thus selling them at cost - in fact less than cost (eating shipping and paypal fees) to move them on. I'm not sure about prices but I think it's certainly less than half retail. Worldwide registered airmail. Really nice construction, I'd put them on a par with St Crispins but I"m no expert. Shoe trees included, one side seems lasted but the other is generic.
I vote for POW/ plaids or windowpanes in fresco
Nice suit. By coincidence I'm wearing something similar today, except its too hot for a waistcoat. Of course, my cloth and tailor is much cheaper.
At the top of your first post there is a yellow box, there should be three options (text in one line) which are (from memory): edit, bump or close listing. It doesn't actually delete it though.
^ your hard work is much appreciated.As I'm falling somewhat in love with fresco (I have 520, 517 and mid grey that I don't know the number of), what other potential projects are there? Any plaids or windowpanes please?
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