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Added measurements
^ Nice. I like that.
Measurements are up. Cheers.
Well, I didn't think you drew it yourself
Nice chart.
Not a shop, just a stall - it's on your left as you walk up to the shoe shine guys (if they're still there)
^ I only know of one on Theatre Lane, Central - Leung, I think. They do a decent job.
Bought these in Tokyo for a hefty price. I've worn them (without laces usually) on and off. I've too many GATs at the moment and so clearing these out. Price includes worldwide registered shipping. Comes with MMM box, laces and the white shoe bags. Asking 180usd.
Thanks, but you could probably have posted this in the pre-existing HK tailors thread.
Been ignoring this thread for the sake of my wallet but note in intrigued. Before I plow through everything, it is open to order please ?
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