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I had a few made when I was first trying out bespoke but not anymore.
If you know what you want, and you have a good tailor that you trust, then bespoke is the way to go. I bought my TF tux before I got into tailored stuff, I had to have it tailored (by one of my tailors) before I wore it for my wedding. It's a nice suit, with a great cut but way overpriced - I could have got my tailor to make something similar at a third of the price (or less).
^ You've tried them?
Yup, but we figured it out with the test boots.
^I'll be in Emilio Romagna for 7-8 days
Look at the shape. Other wholecuts (seamless or not) tend to look very blobby. Antonio has really done something amazing.
Venice is okay for a couple of nights, just wander round and have the cicchetti. People say good things about Da Romano but I've never been, Locanda Cipriani was pretty good. I've not been to the places in Rome nor Florence - the market seems to be more touristy each time we go back, I liked Sostanza and Cibrero. Edit: I'm a bit bummed that Trattoria Degli Orti has closed down in Milan.
It was Season 1 Episode that they went to Emilio Romagna, just rewatched it. Can't wait to get out there. Nice car.
Ah, a new one?
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