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Played around with the iPad Pro whilst waiting at the airport. It's big, and not that heavy for the size but same old OS/ home page and seems a huge waste of the technology.
I think they were in 10E
The Meccariello version is much nicer.
Nice look with the minihoundstooth jacket outfit. I had a similar cloth made into a suit but wasnt completely comfortable with it, now I can see the possibilities as a sports jacket better.
How much is that please, if you don't mind sharing?
Who is patina hk?
TF Venetian Bergamot. I bought a flacon in duty free.
I've had buttonholes removed and the fabric reweaved with good results before. Depends on the fabric I guess. I think blue lapels are fine these days, as long as you can 'rock it' as they say. A good fit is vital. As others have said, very few people will pick you on it but if you are obsessing over it, it may be better to pass.
This is nice. If I used briefcases, I'd choose this one, over my SAB.
I guess that's the 'fashion' now. Like others, I prefer much wider lapels. I dislike narrow lapels, but as long as you like them, that's fine.
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