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I meant his stance But I agree with your advise also.
Isolation's fit pics would probably look better if he goes regular instead of goofy.
Another one. Not bad for test boot.
Ooops, sorry. I addressed the comment to the wrong person. I was reading on my phone
@BespokeKiwi. Nice, though the 2 piece gives the impression that the jacket is slightly too small for you.
Crappy photo.
^ Yohjji has peculiar smell apparently
great bag, nutcracker!
Moving into HK bespoke. Clearing out some winter stuff now. [1] First up is really nice Ralph Lauren Purple Label glenplaid brown with blue and purple cross checks, in super nice flannelly 75% wool, 25% angora mix. Made in Italy, probably Caruso. It's a 40R drop 7. Bought from new and worn 2-3 times, thus in great condition. Asking 700usd. Price includes worldwide registered shipping. Make an early offer, I may just take it. Measurements to follow. [2]...
Cheers again
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