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Quote: Originally Posted by J.T. Thunderbird Clavin Klein (Steel Micro) Quoted for truth. The pink ones are half price now on First time orderers can also get 20% off with promo code "welcome1015". I just ordered 7 pairs.
Nice job! I think I'm going to call my leather punch a revolver-pons-tang from now on. I just need to work on my Dutch accent.
Until 2 months ago, I had never been happy with the boxer briefs I owned. They always seemed to be uncomfortable or ill-fitting. While I generally think that one should save money on underwear and spend it on something more visible, I decided to bite the bullet and give up on all the $5-10 pairs I've worn my whole life. I tested 4 different pairs. I set my price cap at $20 each and sought only the ones that had some spandex content and a decent inseam (no trunks). ...
I've done it before and I'll do it again. Jeans: dark navy and well-fitted Tie: knit Sweater: cardigan or V-neck Me: young and trim
Does anyone have information on the quality of their shoes?
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