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That's D&B Tailors. Gabe (Gabriele) D'Annunzio. I've used him for alternations and repairs on suits and overcoats - very good, no complaints. A colleague who is a real clothes guy and a stickler for detail has used him for making up suits for a few years now, and doesn't go anywhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Boyd's is great, but isn't it a little expensive? Given the other stores mentioned earlier in the thread - Saks, NM, Barney's - I think Boyds is a comparable local alternative (Ok there's a Saks on City Ave, and a NM and Nordstroms in KoP - but that's not Philadelphia). On sale, one could do OK. Plus one of the reasons given for the retail shops was to help determine size...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker I just recieved a Isaia from Lance at www.virtualclotheshores.com Correcting minor typo in the URL: http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/
Those were the nationally known stores. I've seen another post or two that Philadelphia's Distante, in a new location, are moving away from, well, urban/edgy clothing to something more traditional - I read they were carrying Samuelsohn - which has a good rep on the boards. If you can handle some sales pressure (practice for the interview ?) Boyd's in Philadelphia does have a big selection and lots of brands. So you can go there to get an idea of size.
In NE Philadelphia, Franklin Mills has a Last Call and Off 5th. There's a Rack in King of Prussia. I haven't seen a BB branch that compared to the main store at 346 Madison, but the one on Walnut street is a lot closer than NY. There's also a BB in the mall at KoP, but I think Walnut Street has more selection. Hey - what's the story with sales tax on clothing in NY? In Pennsylvania, there's no sales tax on clothing, except, I think on luxury items, defined as furs,...
Thanks for the link to the GT40 commercial. When I first saw it I remember thinking it was better than the Super Bowl itself. Here's one I've always liked and you will too if you are partial to Alfas and/or Catherine Zeta Jones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkSgha6cn_o (edit - added car and actress reference)
Full disclosure: Koji suggested a shirtmaker on this street in Florence a couple years ago, though couldn't quite place the name. I asked locally, a shopkeeper mentioned Simone at this address...things clicked. So thanks, Koji. Re: MTM vs bespoke - we're making small adjustments now, in things like the fullness of the sleeve, which I haven't been able to do with other MTM programs, so based on my experience this is a bit more than MTM. BTW, it seems Simone has...
Yes, I have. In Florence two years ago, I stopped in sensa appointment and ordered one shirt as a trial. You are correct, more MTM - try on a smock, etc. but a good degree of choice as to details that I was not able to get with Individualized Shirts here. Edge stitching, smooth front, choice of rear pleats, etc etc and many collar choices. Simone comes to NY a couple times a year, and I ordered three more, making a few adjustments to style and fit. I tweaked the...
I'm certain the spikes can be removed - all golf shoes are designed this way to allow replacement of worn spikes. The question here is how far into the sole and heel do the threaded receptacles go ? That would determine how much work would be needed to make them "regular" shoes. Or - maybe some type of plug would work?
I've seen Alan Flusser pants at Steinmart, and maybe golf shirts too.
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