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The basic polo's are decent quality for the price. I've also had them call me after I bought stuff to ask me if I was happy with what I bought. They're also based in my state so I like to spend money within the state when possible. Blue stripe chambray looks like it might be nice.
Has anyone with legit problems (missed deadline, super long waits for repairs) who posted been contacted by Quoddy? I've been talking to them about ordering some custom boat shoes and made them aware of this thread. I figured a week is sufficient time for them to contact people through the forum to give them updates on their orders/repairs. If no one has been contacted I think I will take my business elsewhere. It's been a hassle getting them to answer simple questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Are their seconds just imperfections with the leather? Nothing with the fit? Correct. I've got a few pairs of AE seconds (grew up where they are made) and honestly it's rare to even pick out what makes it a second.
^call 262-284-7158 (AE factory store) and ask if they have it in a second.
What's the shirt he's wearing here
These are close: Here are some with other colors, black, white, a grey color blue
Just ordered some of these: This color isn't something they sell a lot of, and they actually hand dye the hides in shop to get the color. He was surprised I lived in the US and wanted to order shoes I've seen on a Japanese site. Hopefully will have them around Christmas, but might be longer if he has to hunt for a cleaner hide. 130 for shoes they cut, sew and dye by hand is crazy cheap.
What time of day did you call? I've sent an email that never got a response and I've called and no answer. Really want to order a pair I found on a Japanese site in cool yellowish tan color. Also do you know what CC's they take? the site doesn't mention visa, amex, ect.
Mike did you not make any of these new shirts in XXL or did they sell out already?
flannel lined duck canvas would be awesome.
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