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Price Drops to move. Please feel free to make offers on these items.
I'm going to chime in and say that most ideas or opinions are pointing to the wool used for the trousers. Most of us love Loro Piana, and we all love it when garments state that they are using Loro Piana materials. My German tailor actually stated that their material is crap because they do not finish the material properly. Maybe I am just a bit too noobish to argue, but he comes from a family of tailors in Germany and I am inclined to believe him. To continue, he...
Price drop. Great price for a great sportcoat. Interested parties, make offers.
I am surprised there was no interest at all, especially at 85% to 89% off of original price. I suppose designer items aren't that popular unless used and for a few dollars less..... All items coming down on 2/24 after my CPA exam. Exam finished... Thank you for looking!!
Sold two suits to nini, who is a great buyer. Communication was clear and quick. Also a real pleasure to deal with. He may be new to the forum, but seems like a regular.
Just in time for upcoming Spring and Summer seasons! I have a wonderful lightweight Canali sport coat. Super smooth and soft hand. Price includes shipping to the 48 States. Shipping anywhere else will come at your additional expense. Payment to be completed through Paypal. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask! Thank you. The information: Canali 40R Drop 7 (EU 50R Drop 7) 100% Pure Wool Colour: Check Pictures, but can be considered a blend...
Depending on where you live, I know Nordstrom usually carries Mackage, but I would call before you make a trip. They may still have remnants of their men's sale going on. In addition, the Barney's sale may have a few Moncler jackets if you are looking to spend $400 on a nice down coat.
Also notice the Baracuta jacket next to the cig on the table.
I'm from the States but make frequent trips to Vancouver. I have to admit that walking into Harry Rosen is a scenic experience. However, the prices are enough to choke on, especially with the current status of the USD to CAD conversion. That goes for any store in Canada, really. If you travel to bigger cities in the States, keep your shopping appetite for then, as you have a nice discount just from the pricing differences. BTW, for those of you in Van, how does the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarzan It's Feb 2nd. What were you talking about new codes on Feb 1st? Is there a code that works for EU countries? I thought that they have offered some sort of code before Valentine's day and was merely asking for confirmation from people's past experience. Quote: Originally Posted by louky Does yoox distinguish b/w R and L on sportcoats/suits? I've never purchased from them before, but I see...
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