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Quote: Originally Posted by slappy You sure about the P2P? My thoughts exactly, but that is the measurement. It's rather slim.... !!Whoops, sorry for a reply bump!!
You have given a range, but from experience with Etro, you need to be a bit more specific. It sounds like shirts would be a 40, Suits/Jackets and pants would be a 52. What prices are you looking for? jreigen is a good contact for getting Etro at reasonable prices, as I have purchased from him before. A few local stores for me are carrying Etro now, so that helps my own Etro needs and can possibly give you a wider range of possibilities between the two of us.
I had a wonderful lightweight sportcoat made for Rag & Bone by Martin Greenfield, who needs no introduction. Super smooth and soft hand. Price includes shipping to the 48 States. Shipping anywhere else will come at your additional expense. Transaction to be completed through Paypal. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask! Thank you. BNWT - Rag & Bone by Martin Greenfield 40R 100% Wool Colour: Black with Pinstripes SF Price: Removed 3/5...
Final drops to cost on these items.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Psssst, hey Yoox, I've got a ton of shit on my wishlist, give me an excuse to buy it! (You owe me after I missed all the Cucinelli/etc cashmere on 75% off, particularly that beautiful grey Malo shawl collar cardi!) 10% and free shipping would be plenty, I don't think that's unreasonable ... and no more of this summer-/winter-only discount crap, 'kay? I feel what you're feeling, but in a...
Price drops. These are great items! Look stylish with quality clothing!
More drops. Great prices for great articles of clothing here! Offers are always welcomed!
Since no one has spoken up about Seattle, I feel that it isn't a bad place to live. If you live in the downtown area, you have a lot of options for shopping, eating, etc. In addition, there are a lot of little eateries in surrounding neighborhoods that I have yet to discover in the near six years I have been living here, and I eat out a lot with the S.O. The housing market is rather lacking right now, but you can get a condo in a newly built luxury building for around...
Price drop.
Price drops and added a warm Costume National Homme Peacoat.
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