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This guy would know as well:
More drops to move. Thanks for looking.
Final drop on the Rag & Bone, which will be removed on 3/5.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wicky Got access to loads of it, mainly shirts and scarves (cashmere and silk), few jackets. I'm interested as well...
Price drops. Thanks for looking and if you want to throw offers out, just let me know.
Drops. Any offers will be considered and replied to.
Price includes shipping to the 48 States. Shipping anywhere else will come at your additional expense. Transaction to be completed through Paypal. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask! Thank you. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Shirt Size 16. Light Blue with white check. Spread Collar. French Cuff. Made in Italy. Has two small pulls (check pictures), but otherwise mint. Nice Mother of Pearl buttons (extra collar stiffeners and...
Drops! Get 'em while their haute!
Sounds good. BTW, I am in the US, so shipping costs would be a little higher. Also, any items I deal with, whether Etro or any other, are new. I have only seen shoes at the Etro outlet, and I make that trip twice a year. Your pricing would be difficult to find unless as part of an end of season sale or clearout. I will keep an eye out, as I always keep a look out for myself.
That helps, but the sizing may change due to your work out regime. The difference in shoulders may only allow you to wear 52 jackets, with the waist being suppressed by a tailor... Just keep that in mind when changes to your body occur. Price ranges? I am not expecting you to list retail obviously, but what would you consider fair for a jacket, suit, shirt, pants, etc.?
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