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Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Cool. Very sloppy breaks on those pants.. Agreed, but I think he just held them there and he's not even in them. I will be placing my order tomorrow hopefully! I just have to worry about the timing.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff uh...what's so good about Etro?? LOL, you've been around long enough to know the pros and cons! Are you trying to stir up an argument?
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 May not be his auction. . . Agree, but common sense would say that this should have been posted in "Men's Clothing", rather than in the FS forum. I have to lean in the direction that the OP may well be the seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by supera I've Bel Air 10.5B and McAllister 10.5C (5-last), if comparing the width they're quite same. I'd take 12E in your case.... That's what I was thinking, so I ordered a pair of Strands in 12E. Thanks for the reply. I also emailed AE's customer service and they said the same thing. However, for those of you who currently wear a D, the "5" lasts are only slightly narrower, so you may not have to "widen up". ...
I have Bel Airs in 12D, and the sides are a bit too tight...should I order the Strands in 12E? I can no longer look up the last, so I hope someone may steer me in the right direction for these 5 lasts. Thanks!
I love Etro, but I have to agree that some of their products, not all, do lack in quality. I really think that if they used MOP buttons on their shirts, they would be a bit more ideal for those who look for those finer details. I find this somewhat ironic, especially since I found this article (click here) that goes against our conversation. I do believe that they need to step up their game in terms of quality for some/most products, or think about decreasing the price...
Quote: Originally Posted by StockwellDay WTF??? FAIL...wonder if someone got the axe for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Wish I'd checked this thread sooner. I've got a really cool pair of Etro trousers, size 36 waist. They're sort of a very dark navy color, then, when the light hits, or you get too close -- BAM! -- wild Etro paisleyness, popping-out like an optical illusion. They're very solid -- jean-like, almost -- heck, they might be jeans, I can't tell -- definitely not too wispy, like dress pants. They're too large for me,...
Yes, very nice. I purchased an Etro suit from PocketCircle about a year or year and a half ago. Awesome experience. Awesome suit. This is an awesome jacket!
FINAL DROPS. Thank you for looking.
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