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For those of you still waiting, my pair took a bit of extra time - 2 and a half weeks. It could be that his source is having issues and he doesn't exactly have a direct communication line with them... I would buy from him again. Keep in mind that AE was having a sale as well... Hope you guys and AllAboutShoes get it resolved.
Price Drop!! Offers are welcome, of course.
Price Drop!
AllAboutShoes Purchased from his Allen Edmonds thread and just received my shoes today. In addition, I ordered Walnut shoe polish. Very pleased with the products and especially, the price. Great experience. Fast communication, and alerted me with a tracking number once the shoes were on their way. Will definitely do business with again. Thanks AllAboutShoes!
Officially for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Added Etro coat What are the measurements and for how much?
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey SF members, ***Took it to the tailor and said it would need major work to fit, so it is officially FOR SALE*** I recently found this NWT suit at a local retailer. The only thing is that it is a size mismatch for the same exact suit. The jacket is a 46R (EU56R), and the pants are a 44R (EU54R), both Drop 7. Awesome, soft fabric in a medium grey with faint blue pinstripes. It has all the buttons, thread, etc. that comes with it new, as it...
It's unfortunate none of us were able to jump on this in time. I want to give props to Herid, though, for alerting us to the deal. I hope there are more of these in the future. Thanks.
It's unfortunate, as I was ready to make the call. I am assuming the "glitch" was nationwide. Could it have been something done locally if I asked a sales associate at the store about it?
I definitely agree with you. I was amazed at how big the box was and how each hanger was individually wrapped for protection. Great products indeed!
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