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Hey, I believe Target is pretty lenient on their return policy, so you you could probably return it. Heck, I've heard of them taking items back that they didn't even sell...
What are the measurements?
A I picked these up earlier on this Summer/Spring season, but never got around to wearing them as I have a pair of white Tod's that I wear. As you can tell, there is no wear on these whatsoever. I'm not sure what these came with before, but I do not have the dust bags nor the box for these. Purchased from Nordstrom. Measurements to come... Original Price: $495 Price for you: $285 (includes shipping to continental US. Elsewhere, please inquire) -> SOLD
Are you sure that's Cm and not Inches?
Quote: Originally Posted by nich Most Etro is fused so it would be safe to assume so unless this was a MTM suit which I have heard can be full canvassed I believe most Etro is half canvassed, at least, and tailored by Boglioli.
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters ^ where did you see the sale? My local Nordstrom Rack. Needless to say, all Strands (Walnut) were gone - keep an eye out for any sellers from Seattle if one person happened to buy them up. I would have picked one up, but recently grabbed a pair in black from AllAboutShoes. I'd grab the Italian slipons but I already have a pair of Tod's in similar style. The Bel Air has made an appearance in both...
Quote: Originally Posted by ArsenalDan How much were the Strands going for? $174.99 for the Strands, $119.99 for the Italian slip ons.
I am a 42, and recently purchased a Medium in Reebok. Fits great. Go Canucks!
Not to resurrect an old thread, but my local Rack just got in a number of AEs - Strands in Walnut, McLains, Bel Airs, a few slipons (one "Made in Italy" model, can't remember the name). I recently bought a pair of black Strands from AllAboutShoes, and noticed that the insoles were not black like mine from AllAboutShoes, but a natural brown/cork colour. Also, on the Strands in Walnut, there were noticeable "defects" in coloration - dark/black swipes along the lower...
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