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Hi Snidely, The Burberry fits relatively slim, closer to a 42. The Canali lines usually are truer to size, depending on which model/series you are looking at. This sportcoat just runs a tad slimmer than the norm. The shoulders and chest on this are more for a 44/54, while the body is tapered a bit more. I wouldn't, however, consider it for a 42, unless you have wider/thicker shoulders.
All Items Sold. Thank you.
Seriously, final drops. Why is the sportcoat still around?
Drops. Great items here for great prices. Won't even find these at the Etro outlets for their season clear-outs. These shouldn't even last at these prices!
Hello SFers, I have a wonderful Etro sportcoat available. The lighting in the pictures is causing the odd horizontal bright variation on the jacket and shirt. Even though I love Etro, I am fairly particular about the items I do get from them. A local store had these items, which I have been lucky to pick up in the last few months. I was going to keep the sportcoat, but decided against it as I already have a light coloured ETRO sportcoat and I can't return it. ...
Wish you would have went over to European Tailors in Bellevue for the third pair for a comparison. Robert and Mehmet are great master tailors and are definitely talkative about their experiences.
Hello SFers! I have a wonderful Etro spring/summer linen sportcoat that I recently found at a local store. It is brand new with tags, made in Italy, double/side vented and has a modern cut. This sportcoat is size 44R. It's a great brown (pictures show colour accurately), 100% linen, fully lined with Etro pizazz, feels half-canvassed or fully canvassed. P2P: 22" Shoulder: 18.5" Sleeves: 26.5" BOC (bottom of collar): 31" Waist Suppression (at slimmest point):...
Hey CharlesT44, the pants on the Canali have a safe 2"-2.25" to let out at the waist. Thanks!
Hello All! I have ONE beautiful E. Zegna suit to offer. All basting, with the exception of the right dual vent, still intact. As you would expect, it has fully canvassed construction and pickstitching. This is the Milano fit, which from what I have read, is a modern fit. It has been sitting in my closet for a month or two, but I don't believe I really need it. However, I have always wanted a blue pinstripe suit, so I'm really torn about whether or not to part with...
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